Wednesday, October 20, 2010

well i just turned over the big 20 if you didnt remember.. i feel SO different.. its like i woke up a new man!! i cant put my feelings into words!!! i might have to start writing poetry!!! a very loving member gave me a present (as you can see in the pic).. the thing i coundnt figure out is, how she knew exactly what i wanted for my bday.... when i opened up the small beautiful package a warm feeling fell over me.. a feeling of hope, power, a bright future...Socks... she got me socks.... the most amazing gift you can give to a man... shout out to mama Irene!!! (she is the woman of the day)(the woman that knows it all)!!! other news.. we went to a wedding.. i ended up makin 70 tortillas for the big after party... i started getting pretty good at it.. and for the record i didnt drop one of em... the wedding went super smooth.. step by step the fam is gettin blessings.. they are all getting baptized next week also!! tuesday morning we went to the dentist for elder baquiax.. he had a whole bunch messed up in his mouth.. he had like a 4hr session lying down on that dentist chair.. they dentists are missionarys so my comp was blessed alot.. if they didnt catch him now he would have had to have a few root canals in the near future.. meanwhile back at the ranch.. while i was waiting, i made some friends (who would ev thought), after a while i talked him into practicing his teeth cleaning.. haha my teeth are clean!!!!!!! Did you people see the miners in Chile?? tough life 2 months under ground..but ya. spell check didnt work today.. sorry..till next week..
Elder Oakey

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