Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much love to aunt jeannie and grandma beachlor..... ill see you at the tree.....well i found a ensign with my sister heather on it!!! when she was little. look how cute.. i also found a super sweet pic of Nefi!!! he is super yoked..check it out.. as you can see from the pics we did alittle model session!!! hehe and i also went on divisions with the zone leaders.. first off i want to tell you an experience that i had on divisions.. first we went to the office, cuz that what the zone leaders do thursday afternoon... but the thing was it took us 3 hours to get back, cuz of traffic and false advertisement of the buses.. so we were very late for one of our appointments.. we showed up and they were just happy that we still came.. it was a family of 5.. just little kids.. they live in a 10 by 10 foot house of lamina, lets say,, like sheet metal.. it was raining and in was commin in from everywhere.. but they were so happy!!! when it came to kneel down to say the prayer they took their pillows from their bed and put them on the muddy dirt floor for our knees..... and if thats not enough they bought us a juice box and a snack as we were leaving.. i dont think they ate dinner... that was a very heart touching experience.. what an example for all of us.. well now to explain the other pic of the crazy looking dude with the dope lookin... hat?? well this man is my friend Nelson.. haha he is a guy that lives in our area.. he is very random and he used alot of drugs that really messed him up.. i heard a story, that about 15 years ago his was a normal guy.. like good job, car, ran every morning.. but now.. he roams the streets asking for money and work.. its sad what drugs can do.. but i think the drugs help with his memory.. we can ask him any question about history and wars and he will tell us the date, time, when, where, how, and the president of the time.. and then the life of the pres.. he can remember alot alot of things.. its crazy.. haha but thats alittle bit about nelson.. The baby im holding has 23 days..... just alittle squirt.. we had a bunch of people come to church this sunday again. one of them was nelson.. its scary when he comes cuz sometimes he comes in and just almost yelling says, hey good morning to everyone.... haha wow their is only one week left of this change.... it flew by.....ya i finally got the chance to take a pic of a bus.. its hard to get a pic cuz normally they are moving with alot of people.. and normally not nice people.. so if you pull a camera out you get shot or you get you camera stolen haha. so its better not to.. i dont remember if i told you this story but here it is.. we were walking and i was telling my comp a story.. and in my story i said whooooo whoo.. or something like that.. but right in front of us was a chick.. she turned around and looked me over up and down then gave me a smile, and a wink..... she was not that bad lookin but it was funny cuz she thought i was givin her a holla.. thats it....... i guess you had to be their.. haha!!!!!! the wink was a add in....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear family and friends,
we had our conference this past week.. it was really good.... one of the quotes from pres. -if you can to better, why dont you do it-'... thats a very good question.. i also heard a latino that had like a new york accent.. haha we have a new nurse now for the mission.. so it was like question time ya.. a kid asked this question.. -in my dream a dog bit me and i died.. if this happened what should i do..??... .hahah it was super funny.. i mean 100 missionary's couldn't stop laughing for like 5 min haha.. in other news, i was contacting and this old dude told me that if a non member goes in the temple they kill em... and that we pray to Joseph smith and that we dont believe in Jesus.. at first i asked him kindly if we come in and tell alittle bit about us and the church.. he didnt want to know anything.. long story short.. he wouldnt let us in.. so i just told him to do me a favor.. just if you have a question a bout mormons .. ask a mormon.. and we also ran into a guy that wanted to teach the -word of God- with us.. and he said we should fast for 5 days then hit up the buses and teach!!! haha not a bad a......... we had a bunch of investigators come to church with us this sunday.. it was great.. and the people who had the lessons in sacrament meeting didnt show up.. so i had to give a talk. haha.. i talked about charity, love, service.. i ended up talkin for 30 min... haha.. i guess they liked it or understood it cuz in the 2 classes after they used parts of my talk.. haha.. life is great.. grandma dont worry im brushing my teeth!!! and eating well!
till next week.. Paul

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we took some investigators to the temple this week on the ward bus.. so they could see the temple and feel the spirit their.. and we taught them a super sweet lesson!! it was amazing.. i also saw some of the new elders in the mtc.. cuz its across the street from the temple.. one of them looked familiar so i grabbed him as he was walking by.. and it was elder Anderson.. remember when i played little league football and my head coach's name was Anderson.. ya this was his boy why i played with!!! but i forgot to take a pic......my bad.... i also found a kid from California who went to byu before the mission.. and he knows some of the girls at my high school.. haha small world... o ya.. and my last comp elder carias didnt want to have changes cuz his mom was coming to the temple from Honduras this change.. and when we went to the temple this week with the ward.. he was their with his mom!!! haha gee, everything good happens at the temple... i wonder why...... haha in other news.. i got a letter from a really good friend this week, and it was just a huge motivation booster!!! you know who you are.. and thanks alot... missionary work is the best work in the world!!!
love you all, take care...
till next week,
peace and love .. your boy,
elder oakey

8-9-10 Pauls 8th month anniversary!
Hello Family and friends,

sorry i had alot of problems with these crappy computer today... so its not gonna be long... well here we go.. it rains alot now....i guess its that time huh... well the random food of the week was cheesecake with corn in it... i dont know what the little old lady was thinking.... im thinkin that she is just old and she forgot that strawberries are much much better in cheesecake than corn... ha.. today i found a the keys to the garage , and what a surprise, their was a little honda peddle motor cycle... super rad.. haha.. i also found out that this area is the area of super wierd dreams.. every morning we talk bout our dreams.. and they are crazy.. haha.. and the missionarys before us told us about the dreams also.. so haha.. but its fun to have dreams like that... haha.. ok ya
happy b-day little sister amanda!! love you!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Aug. 2, 2010
Hello family and friends....
.first off, whoever slammed my sister on the ground, and broke her back.. dont you ever touch my sister again.. or ill slam you on the ground and brake your back..sound good?? thanks...... wow, what a horrible accident...but i really dont think you slam people that hard on accident.(if your a girl that broke my sisters back... this does not apply, well maybe if your like a husky huge girl or something)!!!! haha well i am in my second area now...!!!! its called san francisco in the zone florida.. haha my new comp is elder interiano from honduras... but the funny part is he looks like a little white boy!!! haha..and he dosent speak any english.. but he wants to learn from me..our area is very dangerous my comp said.. its really small and really really getto....this week we got the chance to do service in our area.. on morning we cleaned up a yard with a bunch of weeds.. the thing is they dont have anything but machetes... so you get on your hands and knees and chop along haha!!!! and one afternoon we painted a whole inside of a house!! that was a blast.. my new house has roof access!!! i made a pull up bar, and after 6 months of not doing a pull up i only did 15...... haha i felt like a little girl... my best ever was 39 in the mtc. and thats when i couldnt do 3 more to break the mtc reccord...our new comedor is amazing!! and we get lunch and dinner!!!!!! last week i sent a picture home of me and a guard of a store.. my mom send a emergency e-mail, demanding to know what i got the ticket for!!!!. haha i just wrote her back and told her its just a friend i took a picture with!!!! haha i laughed for a long time on that one.. my mommy is so funny, thats why i love her so much!! yesterday a missionary who finished her mission came back to this area with her parents to eat lunch.. it was way fun.. it was really my first time to translate for someone.. cuz her parents dont speak english.. haha it was way fun..take luck..
Elder Oakey