Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28, 2010
we just talked to a guatemalan elder for like 20 min!! it was great, he told us about some of the culture, and how some stuff works and some words that they use.. he said we are doing good, and he likes us.. hahaha
yup we still go the temple for the 1020 session..
the lesson went great!! one more then we are gone..
tell g+g allen thanks and i love them
we should get our flight plans tonight or tomorow..
ill tell you next week when i will be calling you and that kind of good stuff.
good job mom, workin out haha, have pop do some..
yes mother i wright in my journal cada noche.
wow, Ryan is out of jail for good!! like his time is up????
sorry i will get austins box # to you soon idk right now..
its been snowin alot here..
we are the oldest in our zone now.. its fun haha.
my freind jeff hauck came in yesterday.. and jeff hicken my friend from school is in my zone..
about the shoes.. just send me the water proof rockports 8w ones please..or if you cant find them just get me any rockport 8w.
the tounge of my rockports i have right now is like this
apm27661 mens 8w
made in china
leather upper
balance man made
501838 vo8
thats the tounge... rockports
and the rockports you sent me that dont fit are..
apm2168 mens 8.5m
made in china
frabrique en chine
leather upper
balance man made
503002 ko9
those are the hydro shield water proof.. haha
so pretty much any 8w rockport will fit me!!
pops pants tore in the croch area..... so i just sent them into the shop where they sewed them up... so for the sewing and dry cleaning 4 ties, 2 pants, one jacket. it was 17 dollars.... is that good?
we where hosts again yesterday. for the new arrival elders.. its was fun, we did it last week also..
pres. dickerson called E.dow and me to a leadership possition..... hehe you will find out later what it is.
Elder Oakey

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elder Oakey and Sister Tia Ray
They found each other at the MTC!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21,2010
ya if your sending me rockports send me size 8w please
and a leather jump rope please sorry for forgeting the jump rope..
or the purple one in my room if its still hanging on my bed..... if not on my bed idk where its at..
it snowed alot today!! it was amazing..
the second discussion in spanish is on tuesday!
i will use this e-mail my whole mission im pretty sure..
i get my travel plans next week sometime but i fly out on the 8th of feb..
i bought some scriptures and pictures and stickers and binders and stuff thats where my money is going.. and a Guatemala shirt..
ya the jornal carol gave me has places for addresses.
Pop: talk to bart about the bike he will want it or maybe he will know somone who wants it... if not go to gavin..
i heard their was a huge earthquake by or in guatemala and somwhere near by a bunch of people died....
i can grab rim now in b-ball cuz ive been jump roping so much! i havnt gained any reps on my pull ups though......... its hard to improve when your sitting in a chair for 15 hours a day.............
love you bye bye now..
Elder Oakey

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14, 2010
hello!! friends and family
its been a wonderful week.
L Tom Perry came again on tuesday!!
i see lewis and austin all the time now.
tuesday was my first lesson in spanish it went just super!!
thanks for all the fun stuff in the boxes you sent.
the b-ball hoop is our floor highlight
im filling up heathers card with mostly videos!!
good job mom!!
its crazy how fast time flys by..
pdays are the fastest days and almost the craziest
Pop did the bike sell yet?? whats up with that.. kurts number is in the folder i gave you.. if he doesnt want it just sell it for whatever.. the lowest price 2000.. and you can have a little bit if you sell if for more than 2000. make it happen, you have a motive now!!!
i wrote matthew today (in the form of a pouch)! hehe.. i wonder when he will get it..??
o.. ya.. for the shoes just get whatever they are all good!
the echo shoes are good people say.
if people want me to write them back.. and they sent me a dear elder, have them put their address in the dear elder letter so i can write them back... or else i cant cuz i dont have a address..
jump roping is super........................
can i send pouch mail to people not on missions.. like friends... when im in guatemala?
Elder Oakey

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

no one is e-mailing me anymore, this is good, just write me!!
mom dont worry it was just mrs judd!!
no package yet.. i may get it today, but who knows..
my first lesson in spanish is on tuesday!! it will be fun!
mom, how is you new calling? what do you have to do? are you the back up table cloth bringer lady?? hehe
im thinkin i want another pair of shoes before i go to guat, the older ones are just horrible.. so i dont even wear them cuz they are so not comfortable..and thats saying alot. and if you send me new shoes while im in guat they will just get stolen.. pick some good ones pop please!!?? 8 or 8 1/2 thanks not the same ones that i have
i keep finding kids that look familiar so i talk to them and i end up knowing them! their has been 2 that i knew from elementry school..!
will you send me gavins and stephens adresses please? and a mini calender of all the b-days i should know and emails.. and most important adresses of people so i can write them...!!
maybe in guat i will be able to use my G-mail?? posible..
mom, this is the only e-mail i can check. thats it..
while at the mtc..
hermono helewell is not our teacher anymore....sad..
BUT.. and it a big BUT.. hermono jermenaz is a amazing replacement..
he is from mexico and he also served his mission thier.. he realy only speaks to us in spanish!!
hermono chandler is our other teacher who his been whith us the whole time.. i like him alot
did you make my life size me yet?? cardboard elder oakey??
tye trading is really fun, ive done some wicked trades so far!!
ill be sending a box home close to the end with all the cloths and stuff i dont need..
send the rest of my ties so i can trade them please
love you all have an amazing life
Dec 31, 2009

haha that was a long drive 15 hours hehe
ya L tom perry talked about Jesus!! his earthly ministry and just about his life.. Cuz you know it was christmas
dont worry about stamps ill get them in Guat. i have to use theirs anyway
the only thing i can do on the computers is this email.... the computers are communist ... their is not even a my computer button.. hehe
ya i get dear elders every moring and afternoon!! thanks
lewis got here yesterday cj saw him but i havent yet..
heather remember that the truck is child proof.. their is no trick about it.. ha
sweet a package!!! send 1of my small mouth nalgne bottle please.
and my big brown beanie that looks like nasty girl pig tails,!! its in my snow cloths bin!!
if you can thanks
my favorite scripture is DyC 52:9 give that to the bishop.. idk how the pic works but it will be fun!
the RC is so fun Referal Center!! we answer calls and messages from so we recieve inbound calls and we can instant message people if they have questions on the site.. we also do outbound calls to see if they got thier items.. like a free bom or bible or the movies.. and we can send them to them.. through mail or we always ask if they would like some representatives from the chuch to bring the item to them.. then we leave them with a message and testify!! its fun cuz they are real people not just another missionary..
heather ill send the card back to you...
you too mom send your card to me and ill take pics and videos for you then send it back?!! i just dont want to send mine
Dec 24, 2009

everyone is so excited for tonight.. another important guy is commin to talk to us!! tuesday night was pres. Anderson from the 12! his grandchildren sang to us a bunch of songs and it was great.
We didnt get to go to the temple today.. or next week.. soo saddd. really its like the best thing to do around these parts.
it would be better for all of you to write me back on dear elder! k! cuz i waste time reading the emails.. and i only get on the computer once a week.. so just write me on dear elder. . thanks
these key boards really suck...
letters are so fun to get!! send me some pics thats fun too.
the computers wont let me send pics sorry... maybe in Guat ill be able to send pics over e-mail. i would of sent pics but the machines are broken... ahhhh
that reply e-mail was really confusing..
o ya!! its chrismas eve today...! wierd.. it really doesnt feel like it.. hehe
i heard today that the mtc gym is the most used gym in the US..! super sweet..
we have been teaching alot of lessons and leaning the language.. its not hard it just takes some time to get used to.
we took a temple walk today, and took alot of pics. its been snowing alot and i like it!!
Elder Simonson just barly stared at me from the other side of the table and it made me laugh...haha he is one of my zone leaders. and he is on the computer writing hes fam right now... wierd!
i have been hearing that inorder to send a letter from guat to home i need and international stamp? will you check and see for me please? or how many normal stamps do i need? if i do need an international stamp i can send most of my normal stamps home and you could send me some internatonal ones!!! wooo hoooo
well time is runnin out... send me some dear elders or normal real letters!
love you all
bye bye
Feliz Navidad
My First letter Home! DEC 17, 2009
wasted alot of time makin an account
yes i got my shot!!i got a taz bandaid
i dont need a visa right now for Guatemala just my passport.. but i will get my visa when it is done..thats what the mtc said
ya send a bunch of envolopes 4x6. please
Pop will you back up my quickbooks and thats it. i got everything else
it was super fun with dad we ate at the lion place in slc
i didnt see you people waving cuz the windows where foggy
thanks for all the letters they are super bien!!
thanks for the story everyone liked it who was going to Guatemala
when does austin come what day?
temple session every thusday at 1030am not on christmas though..
thanks heather you rock and that sounds like a good place.. jaja
happy b day zach you rock thanks for the letters, and you jen jen harry potter is my favorite....
spanish is so fun, learning alot!
chior is fun, we mostly joined to get good seats
its cold in the morning but you know i can handle it...!!!
we have a little christmas tree.
if you send me a package dont send snacks.. everyone just gives them away... and we are already getting fat.. haha no just 2 pounds but that dosent say anything.
gym is super fun.. im going for the mtc pull up record. its 41 and i got 9 weeks to get 45 thats my goal.jijiji
its super intense classes, and long
but we have funny teachers so that helps
we mostly just do our own thing though..
we do really good on keeping on track. and accomplishing our goals
send a real letter once in a while they are so much better..
i love you all ill write more next bye bye
waving one last time love you all, see you in 2 years!!!
Me and my mother I will miss her so much!!
Hugging my sister Jennifer for the last time!
Hugging my sister Heather for the last time! LoVe YoU!!
My mom and Sister Allen!
Waiting for the plane!
It was way to early in the morning but I will get used to it!
Last night with the boys! My last night home my friends came over to hang out right after I was set apart! Thanks for being there for my boys! Austin see you in the MTC!!
Oakey Family!! Love you guys :0)

Paper Chain that my family made for how many days I will be gone!!

The weekend before I left to go to the MTC I went to Pine Valley with my moms side of the family. We had fun! There was no snow on the ground that night when we went to sleep but when we woke up there was lots of snow on the ground! On the way home we got stuck in the snow! We still had a blast! :0)