Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi everyone,

Mom and Pop, im am really sad to hear that you had to mow the lawn, i hear that is pretty hard vasquez de leons house he raises callo for fighting.. he took some out and we took a video of it,. it was super bad!!! yes indeed it was... on the way home in the bus, a song came on..!! it was , if you think im sexy and you like my body come on baby let my know.. hehe silly silly song... i got bit by 2 dog today.. only in the pants though... haha ...i rang in the second change with a latino comp!! elder loaisiga from nicaraqua..he only has 2 months left.... he is kinda baggy so i gotta push him alittle, but once he gets going he is a champ... elder flake went to chiquimula....elder loaisiga had a close call today.. but he made it...!! calidad!! at minors house we had smoothies they were amazing!!, minors wife made me read a poem in english and she recorded me!! haha.. i have to use my dictionary alot more, cuz elder loaisiga can only say thankyou and whats up dude in english.. haha. its helping alot with my spanish!! shower poop se chupe, i need a super high quality one! mom the green frog shower poof you sent me was pretty high quality but not enough... so i need a fully loaded one hook and all!!!....i heard a daft punk song!!!! for language study today i translated a song called. mi corazon esta colgando en tus manos.. we were surrounded by little kids in a dark alley today... around 15 of them they were demanding answers.. like how do you say horse in english.... haha. i guess you gotta give them a break.. they dont get to see a gringo everyday!! ..... a investigator whipped out his guitar and jammed out! it was very beautiful... we were locked in a alley and had to ask someone to unlock it for us.. its alot more intense than it sounds!..hahaha.......well heres a funny story.......on sunday we picked up gabrial and headed for church...grabbed a bus that said mixco parque, cuz thats what we normally grab.. we jumped on in and it was weird cuz everyone was dressed like they were going to church!.. a little down the road a guy stood up and started to preach... a guy preaching is pretty normal in busses.. but everyone was particitpating.. that is not very normal.. now the whole bus was singing and clapping. and praising the lord.. ummu huh amen.. we were the only ones to get off at our stop.. i looked back and their was a evangelico sign on the side of the bus.. haha good times........ i just barley got letters from tyson mom matthew jaimee the allens! i didnt have time to read them yet.. next week!
Elder Oakey

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ok......... its Marley Monday.... but i didnt hear anything close to soccer last p-day.. we had to go and buy another camera for elder fake.. it was lost of stolen a couple weeks ago... i wrote alex back.. i wonder how long it takes to get to her house.. a member wanted to take us to zona 1 today but the zone leaders said no.....o...ok.........we saw a car crash today. it was not that bad but it was fun to see!.. in meeting of the district this morning, we switched comps. i got elder udall for one day... in my area.. im pretty sure i know it well enough. we where waiting in a members house for like 15 min all by ourselfs.... we had to turn off the tv cuz the soap opera was getting super intense... haha... we had most of our appt. in Satilite today.. . in the evening thier was this lady super drunk... haha she was yelling at everyone in the streets and almost falling over when she walked. elder udall and me almost pulled the make her fall over trick.. this is where you start talking to a drunk person and you and your comp start to move your bodys in a circle motion at the same time.. the drunk personage is now thinking he is going crazy, or going to fall over.. so he or she in this case.. over corrects themselfs and falls over!!! but we didnt.....service!.... i did some real physical work today!! elder udall and i shovled dirt into buckets and carried the buckets to a pile and dumped it..... wow it was amazing... my hands are getting pretty girly, but im proud of myself cuz i didnt even get a blister, i repeat i did not get a girly little blister..... in the afternoon we where walking (im with elder flake now, we switched back).. 3 little kids where going to town on this pallett, with axes and knifes and pick axes! get er done!!! .... o yes elder udall and me last night fired platnos.. they are alright....... had a narly jump rope session this morning.. and i found out my camera is super sweet, cuz i can do like special effects and crop and add stuff!!!! their is this tiny car lot by our house with older cars and i guess this afternoon they got some new cars.. and they didnt have enough room.. so they had a fork lift and they just stacked the cars! problem solved.....we went to the office in the morning in zona 9.. cuz elder flake has this rash thing. and he needed to see the doc.... after we went to pres house in zona 14,(in a mini van). wow his house is so nice! mom idk if the dear elders come in order... its kinda confusing somtimes.. haha.. And Heather idk where you live right now cuz in every letter you say you are in a different state or out of the country.. ha.. o gavin got his letter.. good cuz i sent that 2 months ago, from the mtc..ha.. mom idk what you were talking about in the letter with going on a hike and ducktape..... haha. those pics are from one of our little mt. towns in our area, we where just contacting..! if you send a package ever you should send my potatos like matthew! o yes and some members want some english himnos.. so if you could send some of those too... but whenever dont be in a rush or even if you dont send them its ok........ tonight we find out where we are going! its changes already.. it was a super long day of people not being home so we did alot of contacting......well they called and elder flake is finally leaving this area after 6 months haha.. i get to introduce another elder to this area.....we took alot of pics today cuz flake is leaving tomarow.. and we watched the testaments in spanish we a bunch of the youth in the ward.. they just barly called us and told us that tomarow we have to stay inside all day.. and not to leave the house......ok....... wonder what happend..... we burned elder flakes 6 month tye!! this morning at about 9 they said we can leave the house but not to leave the area... their is a bus dirver strike going on right now so...idk if that had anything to do with it.... now im sitting in a internet place closer to our house in our area.. my pic chip has a virus on it....




Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello everyone,
good job pop! keep up the good work... last p day i got my first real letter... it was from alex!.. we also had a guat slash mex bar bq it was really good...ivanglios..idk how to spell it.. but they do missionary work on saturdays.. we were going to a apointment and the other missionarys where contacting the house we where going to.. haha we just waited behind him untill he was done and then started talking to the lady. the other missionary was really confused slash mad slash idk what they think.... i found the best pan tienda!! its in satilite!......E.flake and i got to go to the temple today! super sweet! we wore little head sets cuz we were in a spanish session though.. we went by the mtc, it is tiny.. i steped in dog crap for the first time.. haha good times .... i made a dumbell......i walked around this corrner and this dog was airbore with its mouth open in super shread shop mode, a few feet before contact.. the chain caught him... wo... its kinda wierd cuz thats really the only dog i have seen on a chain.. but... a few min latter the dog was walking around just chill with his chian dragging haha.. i guess it broke.. ha random but something to write..we contacted this older dude and he invited us in.. to get to the point..... he said that 2 years ago God Jesus Peter James and John came to him and said that in 50 years will be the end of the world...... and he said he is the last prophet on the earth that God has talked too.. ok ... i love noodles..... a guy gave us a ride in his mazda 6.. he was catholic and said he was not going to change... so we gave him a pamplet and said good luck thanks for the ride........hey dad can you get my my like of athority please? it would kinda be cool to have and use.
i saw a pickup with this on the window

.............SAME DAY DIFFERENT BULL........ hehe










Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 8th, 2010
we didnt have much time last week. and so i just switched my account cuz the church gave us a new email through g mail..everything is fine..if the jazz jersey is not in that box then i probably gave it away.. its really easy to write from my journal pages to you so...used mrylas mix!! but i gotta be careful cuz i have to make it last..huge hill are not very fun to climb when the person that said they would be their is not even home.. their was this old drunk guy singing to the pigions outside of a little tienda in mixco parque, haha silly old chap..... had to clean the house up a little bit it was getting really dirty.. the best seat on the busitos is on the back bumper!! ha.. its been a long time since i have been to satilite... i make mickey mouse pancakes today!.. the catholics have alot of parties around these parts.. cuarezma, i think it is called.. its kinda wierd when at night a huge mob slash group of people are singing really loud and walking towards us holding a massive cross with a white sheet over it.. its like a 40 day thing. some days they throw eggs at eachother... its interesting..... we did some service this morning.. we moved this junk out of a shed and took it to someones house. i found a giant man spoon though!! its like a foot long, its the kind of spoon you would use when you are gonna eat the whole box of cereal at once.. some may call it a mini shovel, but i just call it a little peice of heaven.. i went to a new little town up in the hills called sanandresito.. beautiful views...... hno. hugo drove passed us today and said, hey sup guys... haha silly chapin.. we where contacting on a hill and some trucks drove by using their engine breaks it was so loud and their where so many that we couldnt here eachother for like 4 min... so we all just laughed.. haha it was a good time.... we put together school kits for half of p-day today.. elder flake put his hand in dog crap when he was catching his balance.. haha i guess he has a thing... inside the city has some sweet first little tremor slash earthquake was this morning at 920.. it was crazy!! i quess i slept through the 3 and 5 in the morning ones.. but i dont think they were as bad.. crossing the street is kinda like playing the game frogger, except you cant mess up....people light fires everywhere around these part.. and they dont take care of them they just start them and then leave.....some of the latino elders get alittle too intense when we are playing soccer......o.. i guess we gotta change our whole day cuz the zone leaders said it was interviews this morning.. ok lets just miss all of our citas for the day and look like bad missionarys.. ok sounds like a plan..... interviews con pres went good. the bus ride was really long, but we got to sit down half the time. i am suprized on how far you can get on one quet..the box of mormons get kinda heavy after a while........elder flake was pretty sick today.. jorge was drunk when we went to visit him.. fake out district meeting today.. it just took up the whole morning to fiqure that out.... back in satilite and at vasques de leons house during the lesson chickens where jumping on me haha .. so the little girls snathched them fairly violently and threw them in their cages.. he has some chickens for cock fights too they are mean looking....water dosent work at all today.. it was help the old lady with her wheel barrel up the hills day..!! haha once in the morning and once in the afternoon.......we found a killer view when we where contacting through the harsh mountainous terrain of the jungleous forrest.. and we found some horses in the middle of no where...... i baptized alison maria jose contreras sierra today.! my first..