Monday, March 28, 2011


i gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday!! before my turn 2 kids gave talks of like 5 min each.. then we had a hymn... after they said it was my turn.. and they didnt say anyone for after me.. so i took the whole 30 min.. come to know that the first counselor in the stake presidency had a talk prepared also.. so the meeting went 15 min over schedule.. haha, what amazing communication...we have a baptism for next Saturday after the second session of conference!! her name is Andrea.. she is 21 and she is ready... she has been coming to church for about 2 months.. she asked her friend if she could be baptized.. her friend said that she needed to talk to us before!! haha... we just got to find the people who are ready!! we had a couple people from English class come to church yesterday!! very effective classes i say...

wow week 6 of the change.. that flew by, gee by golly....

Elder Oakey

Who would have thought? unlike the others..... shickadang!!!
on the fringe.
Beautiful disaster
hello. Will you now please refer to me as thee chess master!! last week my comp taught me how to play chess.. yup im a first timer..(chess= a game payed with queens, kings, bishops, towers, horses, and alot little ones that get in the way).. long story short i won a game.. so my running total it like 1- 35. one meaning, one win, and 35 meaning, i lost alot... but im thinkin thats a pretty good score considering doran has been playing since he could pee strait, but thats a story for another day.. As Doran and I were waiting in line at the ATM this week, we saw something very disturbing.. this next part is not censored so please advise.... as we were waiting very patiently a few military s/ash police men walked up... they were just standin their, so we were checkin out their get-up.. as we came to notice their guns.. a simple 9mm right? WRONG a 9mm primed and without the safety on.. a few seconds later one of them had to enter into a bank so he handed the other dude his gun and this gun was the same way.. as they were handling the fire arm their fingers were grazing the trigger, while the barrel was pointed hither and thither.... some say dangerous men, i say sorry fools... SO... we started our English classes!! every Wednesday and Saturday 6 to 7 pm.. and its FREE!!!!!! on wed. we had 45 people in our first class!! my comp teaches some board stuff, and i make everyone get their wiggles out and learn by applying... i taught everyone the head, shoulders, knees and toes song!! everyone loved and learned so much in class.. so much that they all came back on Saturday, and with a friend!! 55 on Saturday.. lets see how we do tomorrow!! we found 3 new families this week!! and we are super pumped!! chin up, feet movin..
no good with faces and im bad with names my first english class
im walking on sunshine
Danny Boy
Clint Eastwood

Monday, March 21, 2011

this morning was one of my best experiences of my mission.. idk, the lord works in very mysterious ways!!! its just crazy how the Lord can work through us, and sometimes you dont even know whats going on.. cool things happen when you follow that good ole spirit.!!! it just builds my testimony and helps me more understand why i am here.. if you could do one thing in this world to help the Lord and his mission, i would tell you to set the example and live the best life you can.. you never know who is watching..
upside down
Yea me too!!!!

proud comp of the new 2011 fastest of fast....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I love you!!
so we worked our huge butts off this week... we have been working super hard with the ward list.. and we have visited alot of members, its super great to get to know and serve the members.. and in return we get help from them!! who would have thought?? wow its amazing.. we brought 7 investigators to Church!! one person came because i randomly asked them on Saturday.. then he was their on Sunday!! it totally blew my mind away!! their are only a few things we can do as missionaries.. we can be serve, be examples, invite, and help people feel the spirit and help them act on that feeling.. we dont have much to do.. so we might as well do in good.. like Elder Ballard said, we got to be dang good... i took some time this morning to make the guate cribs, santa marta edition... enjoy.. pres clark of the area presidency came to talk to us in our zone conference this week..!! i liked it alot.. the first thing he talked about for the first 30 min was our future wifes!! haha i learned alot!! then after that we got the belt!! good learnging experience! ok, go get em.. happy bday grandpaS!!
Area President Clark and his wife.

lets see how....

Goal??? i dont remember.....
10 sec with traffic!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

im back in zona la Florida..
its really wierd.. my area is called Santa Marta, and its touching my old area san francisco... haha.. in the Guatemala south mission their is a curse.. and this curse is that if you ever serve in la Florida, you are bound to come back.. and i can testify that this is true.. my new comp is elder doran from alpine utah.. he has 6 months and were havin fun.. he looks like a Latino but didn't speak any Spanish before the mission.. his mom is from Peru and his dad, Germany.... we go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise!!! so elder doran and i are opening this area... yup im new in this opening area stuff... but we have a really pillas mission leader.. his name is france, he is leaving on this mission to Peru in a month.. we live in the area la brigada with the mission leaders.. ill make the guate crubs ¨santa marta¨ this week... my second day in santa marta elder Webb and i went back out side the cap to jalapa for a baptism that he had to preform.. it was a wonderful time.. except for the 7 hour devil bus ride part of it.. the driver looked just like Anthony Allen... (shout out).. so i snapped a pic of the fool.. Fyi, he wasn't too bad at driving.. so on this long journey i made a couple friends and taught some lessons!! its alot more fun when your talking to the people next to you and not just looking forward and trying not to make the situation more awkward... i swear they get their moneys worth out of one trip. they pack these buses so tight that you cant move a muscle.. its super intense.. i couldn't even take a picture of Anthony untill everyone was almost off the bus... good times... the baptism went very smooth.. as they were starting the baptism they read the agenda and i was on it... haha. i ended up giving a talk about the gift of the holy ghost.. thats one of the ways we play around as missionaries here in guate.. on the spot talks.!! haha we got 3 investigators to church!! we will have a bunch more next week.. we will actually know were they live next week!! were gonna have to put alot of faith in working with the members here in santa marta...
hasta luego,
Peanut butter and Maynnaise
Anthony Allen
From the Clouds
Grandma's Marathon

Happy Birthday Nan!!!!!