Thursday, July 14, 2011

The outpouring of love and support from people all over the world during this sensitive time has been beyond description and appreciated beyond words.  At this time we would like to keep this a private matter for Elder Oakey and our family.  Please continue to pray for him.  Again thank you for all your support and prayers.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down...

It is the 4th of July today!! but it doesn't really feel like it...
FYI: we had changes... now im in Ipala, Chiquimula with elder Lopez from Mexico!!!!
we didnt even get to meet the new pres at changes.. crazy...
im still the district leader but now I'm also the first councilor in the Branch presidency... ya... we have about 25 active members in our branch...
we have alot of work to do here in the mountain town of good ole Ipala... one of the good things is that we have 3 sisters in the area Ipala 2.. they help alot to plan and do activities... we plan and do everything in the ward.. i mean everything.. so the sisters help out alot in that aspect... Ipala is about a 1 1/5 hours from zacapa.. and one hour of that 1 1/5 is up the mountain.. its a lot colder in Ipala.. i was kinda sad that i only had one change in Zacapa.. but..
on the way back from changes i had to get off the bus in San Jorge with the new sisters and show them the area (they are opening the area).. their house, where they eat, the church, the bishops house, and some of their investigators..(i did divisions a couple times in that area so i kinda of knew).. by this time it was dark.. no buses leaving or entering San Jorge.. so we left the sisters and hitched a ride to Zacapa where my bags were.. also no buses leaving to chiquimula... so we called my super cool bishop casasola!! and he willingly gave up a ride to chiqui.. zacapa to chiqui is about 40 min drive.. that night we slept in chiqui at the ZLs house.. the next morning we used the narley Zls mission leader to give us a ride to Ipala with a bunch of extra stuff for the 3rd sister.. (last change their was only 2 sisters that lived in Ipala).. the little Toyota pick-up was full of suitcases and beds, desks, new blender, extra spatula, and a couple coconuts, and some other tricks and such... after a nice stroll through the park, I looked at my kingdom I was finally there, To sit on my throne as the Fresh prince of Bel-air..
we had some super fresh little river fish for dinner the other night.. the little boy came home with a couple had fulls, so we cooked them suckers up!! not bad tastin!! cant forget the tortillas!! haha

Dont pick it up

We´ve got to wake up slow

when the whole world fits inside of your arms

Ain´t no need to go outside...

Hala ka ukulele

Pretend like its the weekend

Elder Lopez

Lunes 27 de Junio

i forgot my agenda today.. so i probably wont go into much detail about my week.. i usually write little notes in my agenda so i can remember things to write on Mondays.. my bad..
on Tuesday not all my district came to district meeting.. elder Rasmussen messed up his ankle.. so i was thinking this isn't right, i need my whole district to be at district meeting.. so a wonderful thought popped into my head.. lets just all go to his house!! he was really surprised when we randomly showed up.. haha.. i also told him to give a little talk for district meeting a few days earlier.. so i had to make sure he had the chance to give us the talk!! it was fun, and it make us more united as a district to have that experience together..
story time:
my companion always shuts our room door before we leave.. i always bugged him because i thought he was just paranoid.. but this week i found out he has a good reason to shut the door every time we leave.. a few days ago we left without shutting the door.. we got home that night and something had obviously entered our room.. as i analyzed my black sheets on my bed, i observed quite quickly that an animal had slept on my bed for a space of a time.. my comp then explained that their is a racoonish animal that is roaming our house in the night time when we are not home.. (he could have told me that alittle earlier).. little muddy foot prints... this coon is as good as DED dead...
In other news.... nothing, or ill tell you next week!! haha

Monday, June 27, 2011

Solo Personal Autorizado

Pobre este

Look No Hands

Top of the List

Pilla Practice

Breakfast in Bed

Smile well and often, you´ll make people wonder what your up too..

Wery Wet Wide

Yellow Poclk-a-dot bikini

Hips Dont Lie

Size dosent matter....

Hey.. thats like St.George, weird..

Mint Flavor


Compose Mail

Red-eye flashes twice..

Time wont wait

Friday, June 24, 2011

hey fans...
ill have to say that this was a very adventurous week... The Joseph Smith video that's called the Restoration is a very good FHE, 2nd lesson, and just a very good spiritual tool that we use as missionary's.. throughout my mission i have come to realize that Satan is working very hard.. in the aspect of us not having spiritual experiences.. im referring to the most spiritual part of the JS video which is his first vision.. this part of the video is a very good helper for people to really capture the experience and feel the truth of this moment in history, and the restoration.. now with that out of the way, i want to say that i have almost never had a perfect video watching spiritual time.. for example: almost every time the the video starts to get spiritual (during the fist vision) something always comes and interrupts everything.. a phone rings, and hug truck goes by, the disc stops working, a baby starts to cry, someone enters or leaves the room, one time some turkeys came around the corrner and started goblin super loud, ect, ect... and this really bugs.. idk why but it's always like that.. So I was able to do 2 divisions this week. One with Egan and the other with Chambers. I went to San Jorge again!! Haha.. Everyone though it was cool that I was from San Jorge ut.. I did another baptismal interview.. I think doin interviews has been my favorite part of all this work!! Idk why but I just really enjoy doing baptismal interviews... I guess the rainny season is here now.. It's raining almost every day.. The new pres is common in a week.. Its gonna be a change.. At least I think... Haha who knows. So we went to these caves and they were pretty cool.. The river went into the cave and down and down it went. We all got super dirty but it was worth it. On the way back after lunch we got a ride to zacapa, but in the bed of an open semi truck!! The crazy part was that it rained super duper hard! We got soaked!! We had fun though..Ok
Elder Oakey

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Los Almendros

thanks for the help bishop casasola.. you rock..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

happy fathers day... 4th quarter has officially started!! last Monday we went to the volcano Ipala.. it took about 2hrs and 4 buses to get their.. its a volcano with a lake on top of it.. the bus drops you off about half way up the volcano.. and from their you have to walk another 45 min strait up to reach the top of the beautiful volcano.. the view was very nice from the top.. but one time up the volcano is enough.. some of the elders have been like 4 times.. haha... last week i contacted a lady and she said that we could come back the next day to talk to her.. we came back the next day and she said she didnt have time, but she said she would come to church on sunday.. so we said ok we will wait for you at the front door.. as we left we told each other that she just said that so we would go away.. but on Sunday, that woman showed up to church!! and i wasn't even waiting at the door for her.. the only reason i was not waiting at the door was because she came 20 min late.. but she came and i was so surprised i almost didn't recognize her... on Tuesday night we were at the tienda right next to our house and it started to rain.. i just booked it home and left my comp in the dust cuz i didnt want to get my stuff wet. i made it to the door step right before it started to poor down.. my comp got a nip of it though.. haha.. we didnt have any running water this day, (one day on, one day off), so i got into my swim shorts and went outside under the rain to take my shower!! i have to admit, that was my first rain shower in my life.. the only bad part was that i got soap in my eyes and i couldnt see where i was going... but good times.. their was even a little river going down our street.. haha i taught primary class yesterday.. cuz none of the primary leader showed up.. it was a crazy experience.. the kids were crazy, but really smart these little squirts.. i just taught them about missionary work and how they can prepare themselves now... we found a family on friday!! the family ramos.. 6 kids!! they came to church also!! they are awesome, they seem that they are really interested! and im so happy for them!! alright cool...
Elder Oakey

Zona Zacapa
rain shower... soap in eyes, first timer

kiss fm

its just something about rides

connect 4

another bridge

Mom, your zip line videos were super dope!! good job.. ok here is the guate cribs los almendros zacapa edition.. im sorry its not as cool as the others. but the first shot is always the best.. and this was the first shot.. so their you have it.. enjoy.. last week when elder Erickson and i were on divisions a investigator asked us if we wanted some pineapple juice.. we said yes!! as we were taking the first gulp she told us that is was a little strong... and i can testify that is was.. it was a family special fermented pineapple juice.. she asked us if it was too strong for us.. while laughing we said yes it is to strong for us. and we told her it was alcohol.. she didnt think so cuz it was a fruit she said.. haha who knows... she willingly gave us a glass of water instead!! the other morning we helped this guy that lived down by the river moves huge rocks to his house.. he uses the huge rock to put in front of his fence, he puts sand over them and makes a burm so that when it rains it doesn't flow into his house.. so for a couple hours we were hauling rocks on our backs slash shoulders from the river to his house.. about 200yards form river to house.. we had to help each other put the rock on our shoulders.. we ended up estimating that the rocks eighed from 100 to 175 pounds.. and yes my body did hurt the next day.. good turn daily.. the Bishop has now made a schedule for our Sunday lunches with members.. yes!! score!! haha.. this Sunday we ate with the family galindo.. they are super cool, Julio just got back from Uruguay from this mission and Diego is going in a few months.. it was fun to get to know them a little better!! Elder Tiu, one of my ZLs came to my area this week and did divisions with me! Tiu is a very small cool guy!! haha. we had a great time and we learned alot from each other.. he is from Honduras.. The other night while we were just roaming around contacting people i saw a lady walking with her kids with all of her bags of groceries. i was contacting someone at the time, but i felt a strong impression to contact her.. after i was done contacting a dude i caught up to her while she was resting and grabbed some of the bags to help her to her house.. the house was kinda far away so we had some time to talk.. a long story short, she told me that her husband had died a few years back.. i asked her if she wanted to know where he was. she answered me with a confused face but she said yes.. we got to her house and we ended up giving the whole plan of salvation lesson to her and the rest of her family which included her mom.. the moms husband passed away also.. i felt very honored to be able to testify to them that God is our loving heavenly father and he has provided us with a way where we can live with our families for eternity, and that they can see their husbands again..
Elder Oakey

thats what i like about sundays


my colors

elder tiu

Tuesday, June 14, 2011





Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We were holding on off the side of a bus going out to pueblo modelo, and a random lady gave me 5 quets and walked away.... about 30min later after we were done teaching a lesson to a part member family, they asked if they could have 5 quets to buy water... the Lord sure does work in mysterious ways!! i went on some divisions with some elders of my district this week.. im pretty sure i learned more from them, than what they learned from me.. we had the chance to see dr.phill hall at the airport friday morning at 6 am before he left.. we talked for a few min and it was good to see someone from my home land.. they wouldnt let me into the airport cuz i didnt have my passport.. so that was a bummer.. but it was worth it!! we had a super sweet investigator family show up to church yesterday.. i was so happy when they showed up!! i cant explain how happy i was!! or maybe.. lets see.. super duper luper happy.. ya, and thats really happy for me if you didnt know.. sorry no zacapa crips yet but its commin...
Elder Oakey

option 2
Mr. Billiards

man on the moon

Dr. Phill

chambers is dying

ok.. i had changes.. im now in a area called los almendros (the almonds) in zacapa.. i was also called to district leader.. as matthew said im glad i dont have sisters in my district.. haha.. (no offence Becca).. my new comp is named elder castillo from el salvador, he has around 9 months in the mission.. so i never got to see my baptism presentation when it was presented.. kinda sad.. but it happens.. Zacapa is like summer weather all year round.. but the catch is that their is no air conditioning.. so you pretty much sleep sweating, haha... our house is pretty cool. ill make a quate cribs zacapa video this week for ya.. we have a huge mango tree in the back yard.. the mangos are huge.. and gynormous lizards and creatures live in it.. i met all the neighbors by asking them if they had a plunger that they would lend me.... they all got a kick out of that!!

the kids here mostly play with marbles and with tires.. they roll the tires.. we met the sunoon family, (check the pic).. their house is made of a tin roof with a dirt foundation and wooden posts with a tarp for walls.. they also live without electricity or running water.. as we were teaching them i was just pondering about their situation and thinking if i could live like that.. It really brings you back down to earth.. i even feel bad that us missionaries live in some of the nicer houses in all the areas that we are in.. today for pday we went to chiquimula to play soccer with the zone.. it was fun. we have a actual ward here in los almendros. about 85 to 90 active members.. well were workin building the kingdom

Elder Oakey

salva vidas

hechando hueva

Elder Castillo

fam sunoon

bye bye conchis