Friday, December 24, 2010

hello everyone...
we had our mission Christmas party yesterday.. our bus left jalapa at 3 in the morning.. haha. and we had to do a huge loop to get to the cap. we got to the cap. at 8.. we got back to our house Monday night at 7ish... crazy long day.. but the thing is it doesn't even feel like Christmas.... we found a couple new families this week that are just amazing.. this week i will also be able to talk to my mom and dad.. i got my Christmas tree from dad yesterday!, and i also got the package from the Allen fam.. and also bro dimille!!! thanks alot!! ill have to wait for my moms package till the next time i go to the cap.. or we have changes in a few weeks and ill get it their...but yup.. a really nice fam invited us to the 24th night at their house.. here in guate.. they do everything on the 24th night.. like opening presents and stuff like that.. they think it is weird that we wait for the 25th morning to open presents...well i hope everyone has a very wonderful Christmas... and during all the madness, lets take a moment to really to stop and remember what we are really celebrating for..
bye bye now..

mormon bus

suprise one year dinner

nice leamons

flippin toast

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