Monday, January 31, 2011

So now that jimy left on his mission we are gettin Julio ready.. he is a good kid.. we got a new ward mission leader!! his name is Edin Rivera.. he lived in slc for 18 years.. we found a couple new families this week!! were just knockin, talkin, teachin, preachin, testimonian, ect... ect.. ( i had to stop,, i was makin up words).. sorry, wont happen next time.. we bought some candles for the house.!! our power went out for 2 days... i guess we have to pay the light bill at least every 3 months... haha. i just thought the owner of the house paid it.. i guess not.. i guess thats what you get when you dont ask or get info from your comp that left the area....haha. it makes life a little more fun when you dont know whats commin next... the bill was only 495 quets.. thats like 60 bucks.. word

Elder Oakey

Mediocre bad guys
Julio, Next in line for the mission!
If you stare at the american flag long enough,
a 3D image of Chuch Norris appears!!
GOD BLESS amerca...
Broadcast from Elder Uchtdorf, in english

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  1. Hey there :) I love lookin at your blog! Your smile makes me happy :)
    Keep up the good work I'm prayin for ya
    Love, Winnie