Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Family and Friends,
we had a bunch of sweet lessons with members this week.. on Tuesday night we went to fabrico and Evelyn's house with president orellana and his wife!! the kids gave us a hard time but it was a good lesson.. we also found a few more pilla families!! we had interviews with president Alvarado in our houses.. it went alright.. we were commended for how clean our house was, but thats kinda normal.!!.. haha we paid the bills early this month so we didnt get our power shut off again..!!! our shower head heater also burned up this week.. we took very nice feeling cold showers for a couple days.. but we bought a new one.. i kinda like cold showers..
story time:
we always see this drunk dude almost everyday.. i mean this man is every were.. its crazy how many places this dude is everyday.. and it seems like he has multiple personalities.. sometime he likes to talk to us and other times nothing... so long story short we ended up contacting his house on day. and he ended up having a twin... haha
Another drunk story...
elder Udall and i were looking for a scout shirt to get the flag patch off of it.. i found one in a paca for 2 quets! so we were looking for one for Udall.. no luck... as all hope was lost a drunk man walked by with a scout shirt on... another long story short, we bought his shirt!! for a great deal of 10 quets.. hahaha good story!!
A man told me i couldnt help him do some yard work.. so as my comp was talking to him i slipped into his backyard and started helping the little neighbor kids get water for their houses from the well.. the old man softened up.. we got to watch the 4th quarter of the Superbowl l when we dropped off our clothes at the house of hna. liz.. but the commercials were different.. all in spanish and not the Superbowl ones... sad day.. haha. very well played game..
all is well
we can take a ride on my big green tractor.
te toca
in house interviews
my leaf friend

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