Monday, February 21, 2011

Q: How can we be personally motivated, constantly?
A: (from ballard) Do the best you know how everyday. Ask the lord for help. One day at a time. Read, study, pray.. we are free to act. it all comes back to agency.. 2N:2
Hello Family,
my theory is working great!!! my theory is; the more letters you write the more you get back!! most of all i want to thank my wonderful grandparents.. they are so good at writing every week.. and there teptition of words at the end of each letter has really helped me remember what i need to do thanks... (shout out to the WISE OWL) i dont know if you knew or not.. but every week my mother sends me a copy of the letters from Elder and Sister Fisher. i have to say that Sister Becca Bean is a wonderful writer. as Matthew says " i think Becca writes enough details for the both of us so you understand who the work goes" lol!! ha ha bien dicho Matthew. while we are on the subject i might as well ask for Rachels's address at BYU, is seems like she is starting some sort of a new program, which includes the interaction with a rare new species.. i just wanted to inform her that i am very familiar with this type, and that i am here for any consulting that she might need while interacting with these fierce "things"
cousin Becca,
i grew very fond of one pary of your letter when you were talking about Vivian Fisher"(i know crazy)" i read it to a bunch on missionaries as an example.. i'm going to write a little bit about it right now.. "we taught a little of the plan of salavation and a little of the restoration, and she said that what we were saying made sense, so we invited her to be baptized." Ding Ding Ding. what do we have for ya johnny..!!! that's the way to do it!! and the best thing of all, that invitation was my the spirit!! here in Guatemala the people are surrounded with alot of religious confusion.. for example.. almost every street has a church. and most of the people go to the church that is the closestto their home. or how people are so caught up in all the traditions that they have no idea why they are even going to church.. a gew weeeks ago Elder Ballard came to speak with us. he said. "these people are confused.. they do not know what we know. they are captured by spiritual darkness by the traditions of their fathers. we need to reach into the dard and turn on the light" he also said that we need to be "pretty dang good teachers" haha... study to be master teachers and most important is to apply it. comversion always begins by what epople feel, and not by what they know. Jesus is our shepherd and we know his boice. and we are here in his work, we are his voice" pretty deep huh?! we need to be hold, humble, and courageous all at the same time.. all of this comes down to our purpose as missionaries. if they dont know what are purpose is, it will be a suprise when they finally figure it out. so back to the example of sister Becca Bean Fisher.. First lesson, taught by the spirit a few docrinal facts. they they helped this woman Vivian to understand where this is all going.. they told her up front. now she has a goal, a vision, she knows the purpose of these missionaries. baptism opens the door. if we never open it how can we ever progress. so becca bean thanks for being such a great missionary and being bold, humble, courageous, and full of the spirit all the time!! they will never find out for themselves if they dont ask. so invite them to ask. help them, teach them how to ask.. are you having fun?? Ballard also told us to have fun and stop being so obedient robots. do new fun effective work. we work work and work every onve in a while "BINGO" we find a lost sheep in our lords flock. Learn the doctrine and teach the love.
so this week we have been working alot trying to find new investigators. we found a couple but. we need more. we just found out yesterday that they are splittling our ward and making a new branch. it is kinda crazy i think that means that we will get some more elders in our area. i dont know if this letter made sense or not. but. its alot longer.. haha!!
o yes.. happy day of love.. i love you!!
Elder Oakey

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