Sunday, March 13, 2011

so we worked our huge butts off this week... we have been working super hard with the ward list.. and we have visited alot of members, its super great to get to know and serve the members.. and in return we get help from them!! who would have thought?? wow its amazing.. we brought 7 investigators to Church!! one person came because i randomly asked them on Saturday.. then he was their on Sunday!! it totally blew my mind away!! their are only a few things we can do as missionaries.. we can be serve, be examples, invite, and help people feel the spirit and help them act on that feeling.. we dont have much to do.. so we might as well do in good.. like Elder Ballard said, we got to be dang good... i took some time this morning to make the guate cribs, santa marta edition... enjoy.. pres clark of the area presidency came to talk to us in our zone conference this week..!! i liked it alot.. the first thing he talked about for the first 30 min was our future wifes!! haha i learned alot!! then after that we got the belt!! good learnging experience! ok, go get em.. happy bday grandpaS!!
Area President Clark and his wife.

lets see how....

Goal??? i dont remember.....
10 sec with traffic!!!

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