Monday, April 11, 2011

Doran is gone..... so changes went great.. i received elder Bonilla from Honduras!! he has bout a year!! he is really quiet.. haha but hes a cool kid.. during our English class on Tuesday a student gave me a mango!! i was so happy i showed the whole class!! haha.. i think the apple is a normal gift for a teacher.. but i think a mango is much cooler!! last night i was asked to write a recommendation letter for one of our investigators!! i was so pleased that he asked me to do it!! he is going to work at a call center.. i almost forgot to give a shout out to bro. Leach!! he wrote me a letter and he specifically asked me not to write him back.. i dont know why.. but ill respect that order!! haha so thanks bro. Leach your a pal!!! bro. Flenniken's 97th surprise birthday party!!! no way, thats like the number one party of the whole year, and i missed it.... gee.. send me some of those pics.. well happy bday bro. Flenniken.. sorry i missed your party, ill be their next year fo sho!! last week started off alittle rusty cuz of changes but.... were back in butt whoopin mode for this week, rodger that captain...!! Ruben, the dude from Spain just went home a few days ago... he lived in our house community for alittle over a month.. he has a super cool accent.. he married a guate chick.. so they were just visiting the fam.. he told doran and i that we have to come visit him in Spain.. so i gotta put that on my list of things to do. who wants to go with me??

over and out!! Elder Oakey

Bonilla Zona Flordia
My buddy Ruben from Spain
My big friend Atoa
Gift to Conchis

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