Friday, June 24, 2011

hey fans...
ill have to say that this was a very adventurous week... The Joseph Smith video that's called the Restoration is a very good FHE, 2nd lesson, and just a very good spiritual tool that we use as missionary's.. throughout my mission i have come to realize that Satan is working very hard.. in the aspect of us not having spiritual experiences.. im referring to the most spiritual part of the JS video which is his first vision.. this part of the video is a very good helper for people to really capture the experience and feel the truth of this moment in history, and the restoration.. now with that out of the way, i want to say that i have almost never had a perfect video watching spiritual time.. for example: almost every time the the video starts to get spiritual (during the fist vision) something always comes and interrupts everything.. a phone rings, and hug truck goes by, the disc stops working, a baby starts to cry, someone enters or leaves the room, one time some turkeys came around the corrner and started goblin super loud, ect, ect... and this really bugs.. idk why but it's always like that.. So I was able to do 2 divisions this week. One with Egan and the other with Chambers. I went to San Jorge again!! Haha.. Everyone though it was cool that I was from San Jorge ut.. I did another baptismal interview.. I think doin interviews has been my favorite part of all this work!! Idk why but I just really enjoy doing baptismal interviews... I guess the rainny season is here now.. It's raining almost every day.. The new pres is common in a week.. Its gonna be a change.. At least I think... Haha who knows. So we went to these caves and they were pretty cool.. The river went into the cave and down and down it went. We all got super dirty but it was worth it. On the way back after lunch we got a ride to zacapa, but in the bed of an open semi truck!! The crazy part was that it rained super duper hard! We got soaked!! We had fun though..Ok
Elder Oakey

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