Monday, July 4, 2011

Lunes 27 de Junio

i forgot my agenda today.. so i probably wont go into much detail about my week.. i usually write little notes in my agenda so i can remember things to write on Mondays.. my bad..
on Tuesday not all my district came to district meeting.. elder Rasmussen messed up his ankle.. so i was thinking this isn't right, i need my whole district to be at district meeting.. so a wonderful thought popped into my head.. lets just all go to his house!! he was really surprised when we randomly showed up.. haha.. i also told him to give a little talk for district meeting a few days earlier.. so i had to make sure he had the chance to give us the talk!! it was fun, and it make us more united as a district to have that experience together..
story time:
my companion always shuts our room door before we leave.. i always bugged him because i thought he was just paranoid.. but this week i found out he has a good reason to shut the door every time we leave.. a few days ago we left without shutting the door.. we got home that night and something had obviously entered our room.. as i analyzed my black sheets on my bed, i observed quite quickly that an animal had slept on my bed for a space of a time.. my comp then explained that their is a racoonish animal that is roaming our house in the night time when we are not home.. (he could have told me that alittle earlier).. little muddy foot prints... this coon is as good as DED dead...
In other news.... nothing, or ill tell you next week!! haha

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