Thursday, January 7, 2010

My First letter Home! DEC 17, 2009
wasted alot of time makin an account
yes i got my shot!!i got a taz bandaid
i dont need a visa right now for Guatemala just my passport.. but i will get my visa when it is done..thats what the mtc said
ya send a bunch of envolopes 4x6. please
Pop will you back up my quickbooks and thats it. i got everything else
it was super fun with dad we ate at the lion place in slc
i didnt see you people waving cuz the windows where foggy
thanks for all the letters they are super bien!!
thanks for the story everyone liked it who was going to Guatemala
when does austin come what day?
temple session every thusday at 1030am not on christmas though..
thanks heather you rock and that sounds like a good place.. jaja
happy b day zach you rock thanks for the letters, and you jen jen harry potter is my favorite....
spanish is so fun, learning alot!
chior is fun, we mostly joined to get good seats
its cold in the morning but you know i can handle it...!!!
we have a little christmas tree.
if you send me a package dont send snacks.. everyone just gives them away... and we are already getting fat.. haha no just 2 pounds but that dosent say anything.
gym is super fun.. im going for the mtc pull up record. its 41 and i got 9 weeks to get 45 thats my goal.jijiji
its super intense classes, and long
but we have funny teachers so that helps
we mostly just do our own thing though..
we do really good on keeping on track. and accomplishing our goals
send a real letter once in a while they are so much better..
i love you all ill write more next bye bye

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