Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dec 24, 2009

everyone is so excited for tonight.. another important guy is commin to talk to us!! tuesday night was pres. Anderson from the 12! his grandchildren sang to us a bunch of songs and it was great.
We didnt get to go to the temple today.. or next week.. soo saddd. really its like the best thing to do around these parts.
it would be better for all of you to write me back on dear elder! k! cuz i waste time reading the emails.. and i only get on the computer once a week.. so just write me on dear elder. . thanks
these key boards really suck...
letters are so fun to get!! send me some pics thats fun too.
the computers wont let me send pics sorry... maybe in Guat ill be able to send pics over e-mail. i would of sent pics but the machines are broken... ahhhh
that reply e-mail was really confusing..
o ya!! its chrismas eve today...! wierd.. it really doesnt feel like it.. hehe
i heard today that the mtc gym is the most used gym in the US..! super sweet..
we have been teaching alot of lessons and leaning the language.. its not hard it just takes some time to get used to.
we took a temple walk today, and took alot of pics. its been snowing alot and i like it!!
Elder Simonson just barly stared at me from the other side of the table and it made me laugh...haha he is one of my zone leaders. and he is on the computer writing hes fam right now... wierd!
i have been hearing that inorder to send a letter from guat to home i need and international stamp? will you check and see for me please? or how many normal stamps do i need? if i do need an international stamp i can send most of my normal stamps home and you could send me some internatonal ones!!! wooo hoooo
well time is runnin out... send me some dear elders or normal real letters!
love you all
bye bye
Feliz Navidad

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