Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21,2010
ya if your sending me rockports send me size 8w please
and a leather jump rope please sorry for forgeting the jump rope..
or the purple one in my room if its still hanging on my bed..... if not on my bed idk where its at..
it snowed alot today!! it was amazing..
the second discussion in spanish is on tuesday!
i will use this e-mail my whole mission im pretty sure..
i get my travel plans next week sometime but i fly out on the 8th of feb..
i bought some scriptures and pictures and stickers and binders and stuff thats where my money is going.. and a Guatemala shirt..
ya the jornal carol gave me has places for addresses.
Pop: talk to bart about the bike he will want it or maybe he will know somone who wants it... if not go to gavin..
i heard their was a huge earthquake by or in guatemala and somwhere near by a bunch of people died....
i can grab rim now in b-ball cuz ive been jump roping so much! i havnt gained any reps on my pull ups though......... its hard to improve when your sitting in a chair for 15 hours a day.............
love you bye bye now..
Elder Oakey

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