Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14, 2010
hello!! friends and family
its been a wonderful week.
L Tom Perry came again on tuesday!!
i see lewis and austin all the time now.
tuesday was my first lesson in spanish it went just super!!
thanks for all the fun stuff in the boxes you sent.
the b-ball hoop is our floor highlight
im filling up heathers card with mostly videos!!
good job mom!!
its crazy how fast time flys by..
pdays are the fastest days and almost the craziest
Pop did the bike sell yet?? whats up with that.. kurts number is in the folder i gave you.. if he doesnt want it just sell it for whatever.. the lowest price 2000.. and you can have a little bit if you sell if for more than 2000. make it happen, you have a motive now!!!
i wrote matthew today (in the form of a pouch)! hehe.. i wonder when he will get it..??
o.. ya.. for the shoes just get whatever they are all good!
the echo shoes are good people say.
if people want me to write them back.. and they sent me a dear elder, have them put their address in the dear elder letter so i can write them back... or else i cant cuz i dont have a address..
jump roping is super........................
can i send pouch mail to people not on missions.. like friends... when im in guatemala?
Elder Oakey

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