Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28, 2010
we just talked to a guatemalan elder for like 20 min!! it was great, he told us about some of the culture, and how some stuff works and some words that they use.. he said we are doing good, and he likes us.. hahaha
yup we still go the temple for the 1020 session..
the lesson went great!! one more then we are gone..
tell g+g allen thanks and i love them
we should get our flight plans tonight or tomorow..
ill tell you next week when i will be calling you and that kind of good stuff.
good job mom, workin out haha, have pop do some..
yes mother i wright in my journal cada noche.
wow, Ryan is out of jail for good!! like his time is up????
sorry i will get austins box # to you soon idk right now..
its been snowin alot here..
we are the oldest in our zone now.. its fun haha.
my freind jeff hauck came in yesterday.. and jeff hicken my friend from school is in my zone..
about the shoes.. just send me the water proof rockports 8w ones please..or if you cant find them just get me any rockport 8w.
the tounge of my rockports i have right now is like this
apm27661 mens 8w
made in china
leather upper
balance man made
501838 vo8
thats the tounge... rockports
and the rockports you sent me that dont fit are..
apm2168 mens 8.5m
made in china
frabrique en chine
leather upper
balance man made
503002 ko9
those are the hydro shield water proof.. haha
so pretty much any 8w rockport will fit me!!
pops pants tore in the croch area..... so i just sent them into the shop where they sewed them up... so for the sewing and dry cleaning 4 ties, 2 pants, one jacket. it was 17 dollars.... is that good?
we where hosts again yesterday. for the new arrival elders.. its was fun, we did it last week also..
pres. dickerson called E.dow and me to a leadership possition..... hehe you will find out later what it is.
Elder Oakey

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