Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm here
wow the shoes are great!!thank you they are perfect!!!
thanks for all the fun stuff again, the jump rope is perfect..!
wow and the elderitos are so fun.. my new little toy companions name is PePe! the other one i gave to elder dow! ill send that package tomorow pretty sure....... haha mommy you are perfect...!!! hehe..
perfect is my favorite word today!!
gee only a few more days and im off... i always think of how it would have been to go to the guatemala mtc.......... but i didnt...
happy bithday pop.. how old are you now????????? 57??? idk.. ill find out soon... but have a good one!
hows the bike? sell it yet?? is it in the shed?? hopfully... did you take it for a spin yet? wear your helmet and sholder ma pads.
tell sister kenney hi for me..
zone leader is just calling.......
dont worry mother ill tell you alot...
its hard to write you in the mtc cuz every day is the same.
but out in the field every day will be a different experience..
i bought a 2 dollar watch today.. just incase mine gets stolen.
G+G kidd thanks for all the letters!! they are great!
now i guess you'll have to write me in pouch mail and dear elders for now on... unless you buy international stamps...
the new district was cool that came in on last wed.. elder dow and i kinda trained them..
who all reads these emails maybe i could say more to other people....
Elder Oakey

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