Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hello everybody!!
their is a icecream man!! same song!
the little kids call us gringos when we walk by, so we call them chapines!! haha
elder flake steped in dog crap yesterday!! haha
i started the book our search for happiness, i like it alot
i had to leave my peanut butter at the mtc because of weight.... and now i gotta find some..
we have a investigator named jeffery.. he is 11 we take him to church every sunday.. i teach him english and he teaches me spanish.. haha he is getting baptized on the 28..
i found a licence plate!! tell ron ill try and find him one too...
yesterday i closed the bathroom door and the knob broke off... and it was locked.. so i had to be bob the fixer man.. haha
yesterday we ran into some super drunk guys.. they were almost falling over when they where walking.. they were trying to speak english to us.. they said.. to you like my country??? their are alot of drunks..
some people when we are praying, they say a prayer under thier breath.. its kinda wierd..
it rained
some investigators gave us some wierd meat.. they said it was cow...
we take buses everywhere.. usually they are one quet.. but on sundays they are 1.25... gee..
it took a while to get the pictures attached.. to this email..
i bought my first tye today! 5 quets..
did i tell you i left my shower frog in the mtc... sad day..
i bought a new one, but its not a frog..
their is alot of american music here..
here is my address if anyone wants to write me a real letter..

elder oakey
guatemala, guatemala city south mission
ave reforma 8/60 galerias reforma
torre #2 nivel 6, 606 zona 9
guatemala city guatemala

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