Wednesday, February 10, 2010

buenos dias familia,
the flight was so fun and not very long!
we stayed at the "white house" on monday night... its a getto place where its the missionarys first night or the last night.... haha.
my new comp and trainer is elder flake from arizona....
last night we went to some of the members houses! it was so fun to talk to them in a conversation and i understood most of it..
everywhere is super getto.. my area is Nueve Vida.! it has some mountains and some city...
our house is pretty nice... our bathroom is just outside our normal apartment, and so is our place where we wash our dishes! stray perros everywhere!! but their not mean..
we can send pics back and forth!! but i forgot my camera today... but my p-day is on monday and all write again then.
its not as humid as i thought it would be.. but it has not rained in a while they said..
their are crazy looking cars.. and little stores everywhere you look.. last night i saw like a 10 yr old kid smoking.. ha
we took the bus today to get here... one quet.. everything is super cheep but you only have so much money per month.. so you cant think someting is cheep in america.. you have to just think in quets.. 8 quets = one american dollar.. we eat lunch everday at a members house... but we have to cook breakfast and dinner.. a lady washes our cloths except for our garments..
hopfully heather got the camera card..
im gonna have to brink alot more soda, cuz they offer it everwhere, not all the water is pure.. that is the mail reason we get sick.. and we cant eat from the street vendors, cuz we will get sick for sure..
the temp is perfect! it feels so good.. we have hot water in the shower!!! most of the time..
it was fun calling everyone when i was in TX
i can be picked up from my mission! missionarys do it all the time! so pick me up!?
their are flees.... gotta start using my deet..
ties are plentyfull! around 5 quets each.. our taxi to our house was 80 quets.. 30 min.. thats the only time we use a taxi, cuz of baggage. same distance in the bus, around 2 quets.. their are guys with shotguns everywhere in front of stores, dont steal or youll get pumped full of lead.
we ate pizza hut lastnight.. haha.. and pancakes and the rest of our pizza this morning.. one pizza around 65-100 quets.. rent is 1000 quets per month, washing is 100, and lunch is 300.. thats our expences, plus food. we get 3000 quets per month. the 100 quets bill looks like alot, but its not.. haha..
their are alt of big rolling hills. very green.. everyone has a motocycle, small, big, loud, quiet, junk, nice, enclosed, exposed, dilervery man, and 3people on one... hehe..
we cant give money away.. so story time.. some guy was begging the missionarys so much for one quet every day.. so one day the missionary made the guy carry his backpack around all day! haha. people do anything for one quet..
thier is a chicken farm by our appt. ha
o ya, elder flake has only been on a mission for 6 months..
ill write again on monday.. paz
Elder Oakey

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