Monday, February 22, 2010

this morning we put together school kits form 9-12...
i got my first letters from mom and heather on the 17..
i got some more today.. from tyson, mom, g kidd, matt, logan, g oakey.. thanks............Well last p-day we played soccer, ate at subway in this mall. in the mall they have this store just like walmart.. its called Hiper Paz.. i bought penut butter!! 60quets.. kinda the night we went to satilite for a appt. their was this silly cow in the street.. just chillin and checkin everything out.. one of the investigatores didnt name his bird or fish so i named them for him.. the bird is pepe.. and the fish is dora..!...... we ran this mornig for our workout . we had to keep stoping though cuz we saw some investigators we wanted to talk to.. the upstairs girl was playing taylor swift while we where making breakfast so we sang alog, it was loud, but we liked it!! haha she wears short skirts i wear tee shirts shes cheer captian and im on the bleechers!! haha. we might have a earthquake soon..
( being a mission pres. is like being a boy scout leader on a hike for 3 years... ha
............. this morning was suprize divisions... so i left with elder montage.. for 2 days.. we had lunch and dinner appt. so that was nice.. they are elder montage and elder valasques are the zone leaders..their house is really dirty and they didnt have any food.... we ran into some gringos from the kentucky, from a different religion, but they where giving food away.. we thought i would be better if they went outside of the capital, cuz they people have alot less outside.. ,, but good for them........... for breakfast "cuz they dont have anything", dry cereal cuz the milk was sour.. and some hot cereal... it was ok ... we ate at a restarant named juniors for lunch a full meal that was pretty big was 19Q. i contacted 50 people today cuz i needed to work on it.. i always buy bread in little tiendas in the streets. for 2Q i get 8 pandulce (sweetbread). its sooooo good......... last night i had a dream that i rememberd!!! the dream was.. Gavin borrowed my bike for a 10 lap desert race at night... he started and it was going great... then.. he found me and said that he didnt want to finish cuz he wanted to go and hang out with friends.... wow...and he only finished one lap... if i remember right i was on my mission.. but it was p-day.... so i said ok.. it took me forever to find all my gear..i wanted it cuz i sucks to crash without it all.. i was getting mad, cuz people where passing me, and i remember saying how am i going to win now Gavin!! haha.. Now. so i hop on my bike and BOOOM..... I WAKE UP.. LAME..
well back to real life.. at 10 am we switched back to normal companionships. we went to this new little town called aguacate.. its up this huge hill and it took forever to climb.. but the view was amazing... wow ... it was crazy. i didnt have my camera cuz i dont really carry it around.. i dont want it to get stolen.. but i wish i would have brought it then...... the little girl i was going to baptize, canclled the last second... lame super lame... bro. Hugo passed us on his motocycle today with his funny helmet and he said... what is up guys.... haha its really funny cuz he dosent speak english... haha.. and their is a little boy that we pass alot that says hello in english.. ha then he says good bye ... haha it just sounds really funny.. i bet i sound funny too.. we where talking to a investigator at his door tonight and 5 big rigs went by... its on a big hill and they where using their engine breaks.. we couldnt hear eachother for 3 min, cuz the trucks where so loud.. so we just laughed the whole time.. ha.. elder flake was catching his balance and his hand went right in to a pile of dog ssss stuff... haha bad day..
Logan! hey buddy.. ha i saw austin alot in the mtc.. and alot of other STG boys.. hang in their..
the weather is great, the people are wonderful, everyday is a good day..
Elder Oakey

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