Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 8th, 2010
we didnt have much time last week. and so i just switched my account cuz the church gave us a new email through g mail..everything is fine..if the jazz jersey is not in that box then i probably gave it away.. its really easy to write from my journal pages to you so...used mrylas mix!! but i gotta be careful cuz i have to make it last..huge hill are not very fun to climb when the person that said they would be their is not even home.. their was this old drunk guy singing to the pigions outside of a little tienda in mixco parque, haha silly old chap..... had to clean the house up a little bit it was getting really dirty.. the best seat on the busitos is on the back bumper!! ha.. its been a long time since i have been to satilite... i make mickey mouse pancakes today!.. the catholics have alot of parties around these parts.. cuarezma, i think it is called.. its kinda wierd when at night a huge mob slash group of people are singing really loud and walking towards us holding a massive cross with a white sheet over it.. its like a 40 day thing. some days they throw eggs at eachother... its interesting..... we did some service this morning.. we moved this junk out of a shed and took it to someones house. i found a giant man spoon though!! its like a foot long, its the kind of spoon you would use when you are gonna eat the whole box of cereal at once.. some may call it a mini shovel, but i just call it a little peice of heaven.. i went to a new little town up in the hills called sanandresito.. beautiful views...... hno. hugo drove passed us today and said, hey sup guys... haha silly chapin.. we where contacting on a hill and some trucks drove by using their engine breaks it was so loud and their where so many that we couldnt here eachother for like 4 min... so we all just laughed.. haha it was a good time.... we put together school kits for half of p-day today.. elder flake put his hand in dog crap when he was catching his balance.. haha i guess he has a thing... inside the city has some sweet first little tremor slash earthquake was this morning at 920.. it was crazy!! i quess i slept through the 3 and 5 in the morning ones.. but i dont think they were as bad.. crossing the street is kinda like playing the game frogger, except you cant mess up....people light fires everywhere around these part.. and they dont take care of them they just start them and then leave.....some of the latino elders get alittle too intense when we are playing soccer......o.. i guess we gotta change our whole day cuz the zone leaders said it was interviews this morning.. ok lets just miss all of our citas for the day and look like bad missionarys.. ok sounds like a plan..... interviews con pres went good. the bus ride was really long, but we got to sit down half the time. i am suprized on how far you can get on one quet..the box of mormons get kinda heavy after a while........elder flake was pretty sick today.. jorge was drunk when we went to visit him.. fake out district meeting today.. it just took up the whole morning to fiqure that out.... back in satilite and at vasques de leons house during the lesson chickens where jumping on me haha .. so the little girls snathched them fairly violently and threw them in their cages.. he has some chickens for cock fights too they are mean looking....water dosent work at all today.. it was help the old lady with her wheel barrel up the hills day..!! haha once in the morning and once in the afternoon.......we found a killer view when we where contacting through the harsh mountainous terrain of the jungleous forrest.. and we found some horses in the middle of no where...... i baptized alison maria jose contreras sierra today.! my first..

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