Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hi Family and Friends,
....I have recieved letters from Tyson, Mom, Heather, Denise G&G Kidd and Matthew. Thank you! .. we have district meetings in tesoro now.. its alittle farther away . after we checked our weight at GNC.. in the mall .i weigh 162.. we ate dinner at elmers house. we were trying out this really hot chile powder and my comp dumped it all out on his soup on accident haha....left the house at 5 in the morning and walked to miners house, he gave us a ride to the temple (in his car)!!. cuz our district was going though the 7 session.. a car is alot faster and better than the busses... i bought the joseph smith movie and the testiments. the total was only 11Q. very cheep.. i saw some mtc elders by the temple and they asked me where i was from.. they said their was a kid from stg in the mtc.. i said go grab him... it was tyler olson..!! haha it was funny to see him........i heard. < love game. lets have some fun this beat is sick.....hehe.....baptized eduargo today.. durring sacrament meeting a kid was playing his drums at his house a few doors down.. it was loud in the church it was really funny... ha.. i gave alittle talk for eduargo for his baptism...some dogs where about to tear us apart last night and so i chuck norris round house kick the dog in the face.. power 9.5... full contact.. had to clean my shoes...... today at 3 in the morning a guy got shot 3 times right by our house... it was intense.... so my comp said,, cuz i slept though the whole thing !! haha. he said the cops came and everything.. the guy was strait up dead...

happy b-day my brothers ryan and landon!!

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