Tuesday, April 20, 2010


thanks for the letters jen jon logan!.....last pday we went to a funeral of a guy elder loaisiga baptized 3 months ago.. he got shot.. he was a rich guy... i sang a song for him in english.. god be with you till we meet again.. all the rest of the fam was not members so they were all crying really loud and praying to marry.... we have 2 bapitsms next week sabrina and eduargo.. we played a game of uno with familia perez.. haha its a spainish game haha UNO..he.......we went on divisions again.. and with elder udall again.. i went to tesoro this time, his area.. the family we ate lunch at are members and they own the morcafe.. the fake coffee.. they are pretty rich.. at the house their was a guy named ed lemon from canada. he served his mission here in guat sur.. he came back and married a girl of the morcafe fam.. they live in canada but they come and visit alot.. he is a producer and he is shooting a movie here called the three nephites...!! his little girl is like 5 and she can speak spanish and english perfect. it was fun talking to her..!!... we were contacting a referance and the guy said we were confused and he didnt want to listen to our message..elder udall said that someone said to come back to this house .. finally the guy said in english, just leave me alone.. we were shocked cuz its really random when people speak in english just randomly... ok.... Shout out to my boy logan aitken! thanks for your letters.. let me know where your going asap.. word......i had to fix the toilet... good thing i had some extra nylon rope..! and my leatherman. thats all you need.. o yes and ductape! of course....... yesterday at church we went to the primary to help the teacher teach the first vision and joseph smith.. we sang if your happy and you know it, in spanish it was a blast.ok.....
happy happy happy happy bithday to my Aunt carol and my little brother Chandler!!
Elder Oakey

Thanks Jon

Nylon Rope

No one home

My new friends that found me

Its custom

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