Monday, May 10, 2010

...last pday we hung out at maynors house and played soccer and made baseballs.. the baseballs are super like real.......we taught a whole lesson on missionarys, it was pretty cool how interested the person was in us and how we dont get paid.. everyone thinks we get paid. in the night we had a cita with elmer.. he made us son popos de mayo.. they are like huge ants that they eat here in guat.. ask bro. zamacona if he knows of them and if he likes them.. elmer cooked them and they were super good....we went to aguacate for the day.. its a little town in the mountains. it is really beautiful.. we went on a trail and popped out on the main road 2 km from our area.... oooppps... we caught a ride with the lazy police... i just stuck my thumb out and they were the first ones to stop.. the police here are really lazy.....i said hi to some girls in the street, and they said back,,, good bye my love... haha.. after it rains their are alot of fireflies they are super cool, its my first time to see fireflies.....they use frysauce here... but not on frys, only on salad.. called dad and mom today to set up a cita for mothers day to call.. mom didnt pick up so i called jen.. i said jen jen and she was like who is this.. i said your brother and she said who is this ( in kind of a attitude..) i said your brother.. she was really suprised!!! ....mothers day meal at the church.. they were watching walle in spanish it was kinda funny... landed a kick flip in a kids skateboard in the street!!!!!! i stilll got it!!!..mommy called!!! it was a good time... had divisions with jaime, we went to satilite while elder loaisiga went to a meeting in the church with the called thismorning!! chan got the presthood yesterday!! they are all growing up so fast.. Rebecca wow good luck on your mission im proud of you..

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