Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey family and friends,
........the water guy talked to me in english thismorning hehe.....zone conference was today james b. martino from the 70 was their.. it was great.,.. a very long meeting.. started at 10 ended at 5:30...... when we were contacting today i saw tom the turkey..he was not the tom the turkey i remembered from before... he was really old maybe on his death bed .... but ya.....jehovas wittnesses came to our door on suday morning and we talked to them for 30 min.. i feel really bad for them..... they are just so confused .. i saw 5 people on one motocycle, it was amazing!!!
i taught a member pick up lines in english......anyone got some tips to get my baggy comp out of bed in the morning?????
love you all.. many are called , but they dont listen...
o yes and my lesson in presthood went great.. chapter 10 the scriptures! are you on the same lesson???


Finished my ties

classy elder adams

5:45am in the office

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