Friday, May 28, 2010

no pics this week


wow mom,
you are just livin the life right now... make sure to send me pics of all my aunts and you kayaking, parasailing, everglades in an airboat, and aunt lindas house!!! wow you shouldnt tell me all this it makes me want to come to florida and do all of it with you hahaha.. mom send me pics......well monday we went to utatland to play soccer and games with another zone... it was a blast...... for lunch i got a fish.... i guess down here for fish they catch it and throw it on the grill. cuz i got a cooked fish and i had to take the head off and clean it pretty much.. haha.....our neighbor upstairs has a little girl 1.5 years old and she is always asking for me.. she says, where is doakey.. haha its really funny......ok the other night i did not sleep at all. i finally just got out of bed at 11 and i just read books till 3 when i got tired.. my comp.. got up at 2 and read till 5.30... haha it was crazy... we think its because a member gave us chocolate cake and hot chocolate (the hot chocolate is kinda not really good compaired to our hot chocolate in the states...) ... it must have been really strong hot chocolate and cake hahah......we got 2 sweet families to church on sunday! it was great...... famililes are the best!! hehe... we got a real mission leader for our ward, and im really excited cuz he is a stud!! the old mission leader was not, we didnt even have one meeting with him...... its raining alot more these days..... the other day i read some letter over again... and i read a spanish letter from the zamaconas and one from melanie brown... and the cool thing was i didnt even need to use my dictionary!!!!

...hey mom whats my blood type....

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