Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi Family and friends,
well it always sounds like your having a great time.. it rained alot this week.....
i taught some members how to make rice crispys!! their was not any normal rice crispys in the store, so we used coco crispys!! it was very tasty.. i taught elder loaisiga to play speed the card game! he likes it alot...
well we met this lady and we set up a cita at a members house.. she showed up, which was super sweet.. she is about 25, she came with her little kid.., but when she came in, without warning she smacked a wet one right on my cheek...... haha that is all of the story.. but just wanted to share the random story of the week....
last night we had a little party in the garage.. we made a little fire and celebrated the 2 years and my 6 months! we rocked out with the smoke alarm going off and burnt marshmellows!!!
just remember always use your helmet!!!

The district

I can do it like that!!

How can I have some more

Everyone is so nice

Chan of comand

Burger wit it!!

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