Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi Family,
...........monday played bball with fam perez and the team that lost had to buy pizza.... we lost.. we went to pizza hut.. but it was like a full on resturant and we said it was my b day!! they sang to me..hehe- then we played soccer with the kids by our house... brother zamacona.. is chiltepe really hot for you?, or am i just a gringo?!!..... interviews with pres. he forgot to take his happy pill.....
more service
went to the airport and did more service
we moved a suv with all the missionarys slash we picked it up..
had my first hotdog, didnt settle very well ..
caught a bird in my house made dinner for fam castillo, i made hambergers and rice crispy was good.. sunday was stake conference....
life is good, the church is true, everyday is a good day..
happy b day heather, tyson, grandma kid, and aunt jenny!! love you all

Love Paul

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