Wednesday, July 14, 2010

first off i found a almost brand spankin new pair of rockports with vibram soles in a paca for 65Qs! thats like 8 bills! this week my comp almost died.., no his back just got jacked up from a stretch session we had in the first of the week... i guess he has never stretched before.. he pulled a muscle im guessing.. but the final word was that he could not even walk... and the pain from what he described is... on the scale from one to 10, 10 being child birth.. he told me 12.. (which is just unheard of in this life).... i dont believe him.. haha.. well in other news spain did take the cup home!! now we can actually teach lessons again.. and not have to wait for the game to get over to teach them..hehe..and the baptism this Saturday was just a story almost too incredible to believe....hold up......... i sang to, our song by taylor swift this week, it was inspirational...ok.. her name is krista chon de leon, she is 9 years old from a very active member family..Saturday was her 3rd time is the baptismal font......let us proceed!!..... she is super scared of the water.. if you haven't guessed yet... but last Saturday we were all so pumped and ready for the last time in the font! she was locked and loaded for this moment.. in the first of the meeting no fear struck the little girl.., even in the photos she had a ginormous smile, showin off those pearly whites, even a wink to the neighbor boy across the room.. the hymn and spiritual thought were the best i have witnessed in my entire life.. now the time to get in the water has arrived.. (the father asked me to dress up in white and come in the font also to give some more comfort),, we had a practice right before we stepped in the water! the moment of truth has arrived, dad steps in with a smile and guides krista. a step before she was totally in,, the fear struck and she grabbed a death grip in the pole.. a tear drop smacked the water.... (at this time you can imagine the fam, just stuck with devastation..) now the little girl is full on crying and saying she was scared.. sorry but a long story short, after an hour in the water, swimming and having a water fight, with the whole fam cheering krista, krista, krista! we got her dunked! happy day! happy day! i had some people come up to me and tell me they have never had such a fun spiritual experience in their life!
ok love you all, bye bye now
Elder Oakey

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