Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hey i dont think im a new elder anymore, you know why?, its cuz no one writes me letters anymore,( im thinkin this message will help someone to realize to write me a dang letter)....its kinda depressing. but i try and remember what an old wise man once told me; shiz happends then you die*...... haha.. im kinda getting to be the person that just says it how it is.. i dont know if that is the best way, but i like it.. for example, when we are contacting if a dude says; please leave and never come back, i love it. cuz then you know its not his time right now.. and you didnt waste time playing games.. well last week if you didn't know, at the baptism my comp went in the water with my camera in his pocket.. so i let it dry out for a like 4-5 days and tried it out... it didnt work.. but an elder in the district had the same camera. so i tried his battery and it worked just fine.. so today we hit the road to find me a new one.. and we did.. but gee wizz the sucker was 600 Qs thats like 70 bones....(please refer to the*).. i cut my comps hair last monday with my little clippers! and the crazy part was that it acually turned out pretty good, my comp loved it..!!. i told him up front that i was super good at cutting hair.. but really im not... hehe... the only time i cut hair was when i gave Gavin a buzz.. i thought it was nice but Gavin didnt.. he told me it was too short..* i lost last week in the coin toss, so i have the lesson for family home evening tonight!! we always have it with the bishop and his wife, cuz they are a very young couple.. we have a good fun time with them every monday ... and he is a new bishop also.. so we are doing alot of work with him.. he likes throwing on his packpack and working with us, he told us he feels like a little missionary again.. I weigh 164 pounds today..

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