Monday, August 2, 2010

Aug. 2, 2010
Hello family and friends....
.first off, whoever slammed my sister on the ground, and broke her back.. dont you ever touch my sister again.. or ill slam you on the ground and brake your back..sound good?? thanks...... wow, what a horrible accident...but i really dont think you slam people that hard on accident.(if your a girl that broke my sisters back... this does not apply, well maybe if your like a husky huge girl or something)!!!! haha well i am in my second area now...!!!! its called san francisco in the zone florida.. haha my new comp is elder interiano from honduras... but the funny part is he looks like a little white boy!!! haha..and he dosent speak any english.. but he wants to learn from me..our area is very dangerous my comp said.. its really small and really really getto....this week we got the chance to do service in our area.. on morning we cleaned up a yard with a bunch of weeds.. the thing is they dont have anything but machetes... so you get on your hands and knees and chop along haha!!!! and one afternoon we painted a whole inside of a house!! that was a blast.. my new house has roof access!!! i made a pull up bar, and after 6 months of not doing a pull up i only did 15...... haha i felt like a little girl... my best ever was 39 in the mtc. and thats when i couldnt do 3 more to break the mtc reccord...our new comedor is amazing!! and we get lunch and dinner!!!!!! last week i sent a picture home of me and a guard of a store.. my mom send a emergency e-mail, demanding to know what i got the ticket for!!!!. haha i just wrote her back and told her its just a friend i took a picture with!!!! haha i laughed for a long time on that one.. my mommy is so funny, thats why i love her so much!! yesterday a missionary who finished her mission came back to this area with her parents to eat lunch.. it was way fun.. it was really my first time to translate for someone.. cuz her parents dont speak english.. haha it was way fun..take luck..
Elder Oakey

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