Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8-9-10 Pauls 8th month anniversary!
Hello Family and friends,

sorry i had alot of problems with these crappy computer today... so its not gonna be long... well here we go.. it rains alot now....i guess its that time huh... well the random food of the week was cheesecake with corn in it... i dont know what the little old lady was thinking.... im thinkin that she is just old and she forgot that strawberries are much much better in cheesecake than corn... ha.. today i found a the keys to the garage , and what a surprise, their was a little honda peddle motor cycle... super rad.. haha.. i also found out that this area is the area of super wierd dreams.. every morning we talk bout our dreams.. and they are crazy.. haha.. and the missionarys before us told us about the dreams also.. so haha.. but its fun to have dreams like that... haha.. ok ya
happy b-day little sister amanda!! love you!!

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