Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear family and friends,
we had our conference this past week.. it was really good.... one of the quotes from pres. -if you can to better, why dont you do it-'... thats a very good question.. i also heard a latino that had like a new york accent.. haha we have a new nurse now for the mission.. so it was like question time ya.. a kid asked this question.. -in my dream a dog bit me and i died.. if this happened what should i do..??... .hahah it was super funny.. i mean 100 missionary's couldn't stop laughing for like 5 min haha.. in other news, i was contacting and this old dude told me that if a non member goes in the temple they kill em... and that we pray to Joseph smith and that we dont believe in Jesus.. at first i asked him kindly if we come in and tell alittle bit about us and the church.. he didnt want to know anything.. long story short.. he wouldnt let us in.. so i just told him to do me a favor.. just if you have a question a bout mormons .. ask a mormon.. and we also ran into a guy that wanted to teach the -word of God- with us.. and he said we should fast for 5 days then hit up the buses and teach!!! haha not a bad a......... we had a bunch of investigators come to church with us this sunday.. it was great.. and the people who had the lessons in sacrament meeting didnt show up.. so i had to give a talk. haha.. i talked about charity, love, service.. i ended up talkin for 30 min... haha.. i guess they liked it or understood it cuz in the 2 classes after they used parts of my talk.. haha.. life is great.. grandma dont worry im brushing my teeth!!! and eating well!
till next week.. Paul

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