Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we took some investigators to the temple this week on the ward bus.. so they could see the temple and feel the spirit their.. and we taught them a super sweet lesson!! it was amazing.. i also saw some of the new elders in the mtc.. cuz its across the street from the temple.. one of them looked familiar so i grabbed him as he was walking by.. and it was elder Anderson.. remember when i played little league football and my head coach's name was Anderson.. ya this was his boy why i played with!!! but i forgot to take a bad.... i also found a kid from California who went to byu before the mission.. and he knows some of the girls at my high school.. haha small world... o ya.. and my last comp elder carias didnt want to have changes cuz his mom was coming to the temple from Honduras this change.. and when we went to the temple this week with the ward.. he was their with his mom!!! haha gee, everything good happens at the temple... i wonder why...... haha in other news.. i got a letter from a really good friend this week, and it was just a huge motivation booster!!! you know who you are.. and thanks alot... missionary work is the best work in the world!!!
love you all, take care...
till next week,
peace and love .. your boy,
elder oakey

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