Thursday, September 9, 2010

hello fam...
well this saturday we had permission to go to my old area, to see one of my investigators be baptized!!! it was super amazing!!! to get to my old area, you have to take 3 buses but it only took 1 hr.. i went with another elder in my district who knew him also... the pic with the 2 people and the paper is a wedding.. and my signature is on the paper, so i thought i would snap a pic of it!! this week we were teaching a lesson to a old guy about the word of wisdom... we asked him to repeat the 5 things we cant use.. he said well, beer, drugs, then he said women, and started to say how bad women are...haha i couldn't help but laughing!!! haha my bad but it was really funny... well.. sorry i guess you had to be their....... we get the call tonight to see if we have changes..... hehe.. who knows.. sorry not to much this week, i didnt have too much time..... hey but their are alot of pics.. and pictures tell stories!!! hehe happy happy birthday my sister mel and cousin katie!!!
love ya all!!!! fun fact of the day.. the BOM in spanish has 642 pages and in english 531.... haha thats the reason its taking me so long to read it in spanish!!!! haha
ok bye
o ya my comp got a kiss by a drunk guy... hahahahahah... just on the head but, hahahaha... if he found out i just told you that he would get so mad at me.. hahaha
ok good bye now..

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