Wednesday, September 15, 2010

well i got a new comp.. elder baquiax, from here in guate.. (bah-key-ash)hehehaha.. he has 6 months left.. he is a stud.... we finally got a mission leader.....say this 3 times fast....tres tristes tigres tragan trigo en un trigal!!! hehe.. we contacted our street yesterday, like you know our neighbors.. the funny thing was that we didnt even say we were missionary's and we were just here to get to know them and help them with anything.. and we still got all the doors slammed in our faces.. haha.. i love references!!! were getting a couple people ready to be baptized at the end of the month!! sorry i cant reall think today.. ill write more next week. i love you all.. well, i think all of you?... i dont know everyone.. but ya.. i can say that.. i love you all.. i can love a loving guy!!!
Elder Oakey

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