Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what an interesting week
this morning we went to mixco viejo.. its a old little pueblo where their are some ruins... ya "ruins".. i think they take that really lightly.. cuz i saw some guy making some.... But who knows.... the bus ride was fun on the way home.. elder johnson and i sat on top, cuz their was no room inside...!! last monday i cut my comps hair!! then i cut my own.. it turned out alright.. not too bad... hehe my first time solo... its a good thing we cut our hair, cuz on tuesday morning we got the message that we had to go to the office for interviews with pres...!! on the way to interviews, the bus driver i swear was training for nascar!! we had about a 5 car lead then we got a record 30 ft. skid mark.. Ive never seen anything like it.. it was magnificent... (im not speeding im just qualifying)on the way home, i had a drunk lady fall and roll in front of me.... it was kinda interesting... i looked at her for a sec.. then in disgust kept on walking... really weird... conference was super amazing, as i expected it to be!! us gringos watched it upstairs in the high priest room, in english of course... we laughed our heads off when uchtdorf said, what does this have to do with flying an airplane...haha the conference answered all my questions i had... i love conference... this week i rained alot... haha whats new.. but we had kind of a problem.. the problem was that the side walk is close to the river like road and the buses create waves.. so we had to play the game of survival.. we dodged, ducked, dove, dipped, and dodged!! it was a life changing experience.. stay tuned.... o ya.. during conference the baptismal font overflowed, thanks to the elders of the zone Florida!! life happends.. and fast... dont mess up.....(thats not really words of advice)....love ya all....

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