Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear family and friends,
i lied to you people last week.. their is 3 Jehovah's in the bom... so look for one more...haha and just to let you know, the penny i found last week was lucky!! heads up!! the picture below with the little girl is funny, haha, she was putting candy in my mouth.. like a whole bunch!! haha i had to tell her to stop cuz i didnt have room and i was laughing hard... and the pic that says canche i love you.. that was written in the cement.. haha.. the other of when we were playing soccer in the rain.. it was raining super hard but it doesnt look like it... and the other of the liahona in the 70s when they were super little... but hey life is great.. the work is flowin alittle better.. we have alittle more support from the ward... shoot the pic of the little girl, for some reason will not attach... last night we were walking to a cita to eat dinner and.. a girl was trying to start her car.. and as you can guess she needed alittle man support.. so we did alittle service!! the amazing part was, right when we were done helping... i mean 5 seconds after... i found 5 Q's in the street!! instant blessings!!!!! wow!! conference is this weekend!!! i love conference!!! and saturday after conference we have a baptism!! and i also love baptisms !!! wow i am so blessed!! haha we have a new investigator named fabio!! fabio i think is the coolest name ever.. i might even name my kid fabio!!!i gotta whole bunch to write next week.. can you believe me!! hehe
ok bye

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