Monday, November 1, 2010

hello fam.. a new week huh!!
on Wednesday we went to the temple as a zone.. super sweet.. I love the temple.. one area close to the temple is the old area of elder baquiax. so we went to visit for a sec.. we had a lunch appt.. it was his bday also this day.. big 21.. we did some service also this week.. we did some gardening... haha ya and the picture of the lady changing the tire.. thats a good story.. we walked out of a lesson and i saw the chicks changin the tire. i thought that would be a classy pic.. so of course i snapped a pic.. then from deep down in the core of my heart, came a wonderful idea to help the poor little sisters of God.... and their you have it.. ya and the cool part was she told us to come back the next week.. now thats missionary's in action!!!! haha, thats right.. service= the number one cure for anything.. o yes it was halloween last night.. its sad around these parts.. its too dangerous to have the little kids run around and trick or treat.. i didnt see one little pumpkin kid.. super sad day.. i was lookin forward to takin pics with the little rascles... bummer.. and as the sign says below.. people love Jesus, so no halloween.. i really dont know what the two have in common, but im thinkin they think they have a good reason.. haha wow barry write me back, hey you too jared... little punks. and happy birthday mama hanson, have a good one, i hope you chickens are doin just dandy...!! and also Aunt Barbara, have a super great day......emily good luck on the first one.. i heard it hurts really really really bad..... but once its out i heard it dosent hurt as bad.. haha love you take care.. really really..
for my mom, ´´I want to watch the "Sound of music"...what a great movie that is´´..dont watch it too many times mommy... hey mom please send me a video of you singing one of the songs.. that would be the best christmas present ever!!! the hills are alive, with the sound of music, ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh....
have a jazzy week,
love elder paul richard oakey!!!

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