Monday, November 8, 2010

hello fam..
well on monday night we had E changes.. and on tuesday night i arrived in minerva jalapa... with elder briones.. this area is outside of the capital.. its super sweet.. its amazing their is clean air and cows and monkeys and a whole bunch of people waiting this message.. its more of a chill area, its not so fast paced, then on Wednesday we had zone conference in zacapa.. we already did alot of service.. we cleaned a whole house.. then we painted a different dudes house!! i love giving hands on service.. hands on, cuz we are always giving spiritual service.. the ward is pretty big for out side the cap.. its a ward of like 80 persons... today was pday.. so we went to a mountain called pino dulce.. we played soccer, threw the football around, Frisbee, cooked a bar bq, jumped on a tramp.. did a little hike, got some turkey feathers for my cowboy hat.... i got attacked by a goose, it bit me several times in the shorts.. but dont worry it didnt do much..... haha... also we got a ride back into jalapa.. its like a hr and 30 min ride through the mountainous mountains... we have a member boy helping us everyday..he is about to leave on his mission.. he is going to Peru.. so we have alot of lessons with member.. he is super prepared.. his mom has been feeding the missonarys for like 10 years.. so he has grown up with missonarys everyday.. his name is jimi.. he is a stud.. elder briones is from utah.. he has 15 months.. his parents are from Ecuador.. so he grew up knowing spanish and engligh... we were automatically friends!!

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