Wednesday, December 8, 2010

happy bithday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Mark and Zachhhhhhhhhhh happy birthday to you..

hey..we had changes.. i got elder Udall from Arizona... he was in my first district, and we went on alot of divisions.. so i already knew him.. Udall has 16 months.. i love the letter i got from heather a few weeks ago.. it said, gee little brother you dont even have a year yet.. haha.. thanks for the reminder big sister.. hey jen jen.. i found your store here in guate.. i hope you like it.. after changes we all ended up going out to eat at applebees!! it was super good.. i even took a picture!! can you believe that?? the Christmas devo last night was amazing.. thats what that pic is with the 4 of us just chillin in a class room.. we get to see it in english if we want.. its alot better when you actually get to hear the prophets voice and not just a translator guy... i just realized that im really bad at writing about my spiritual experiences... dont get me wrong.. i have a whole bunch... but to put them on to paper.. ya, thats something i have to work on.. so im sorry for the lack of spiritual experiences.. and im sure i can improve in that department.. so if any of you are wondering what you should get me for christmas, dont worry about it.. im good.. well maybe you could give a kiss to my mom or something, or write me a letter.. but other than that.. im perfectly fine..
cool beans..
Elder Oakey

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