Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so thanksgiving huh...
so we headed to the market to buy some mac and cheese for the big feast, and we ran into a huge group of gringos!!! they were all from the states, they are here for some business stuff.. but they were on their way to pino dulce for the big day.. thats the cool place we went to a couple weeks ago with the turkeys.. people always ask them if they are tourists.. and when they say no.. they ask if they are Mormon's.. haha, they said they see missionary's everywhere... this was the day i wore my super sweet part in my hair, the first time i used gel in my hair since the 6th grade... we had a super sweet mac and cheese and smore session for thanksgiving.. good times! so elder briones and i made a new way to contact people.. we pretty much make people laugh but... we call it free walking.. we walk around and do sweet stunts, after someone is laughing we go up and talk to them.. its been working!! president is always telling us to find different creative ways to find new people to teach.. so thats what we have been doing!! haha........fun fact- the stop lights here dont have the 3 sec wait in between red an green... on tuesday we went to the capital for a leaders meeting.. cuz my comp is district leader.. i really didnt need to be at the meeting so like last leadership meeting, justin or elder goldsberry and i left together and did some good.. haha.. i forgot my agenda, so i cant think of everything i did this week...but the pics tell a big story..!! my mind was writing checks, but i couldnt cash in... roses are red!!
elder oakey

free walking, a new tracting special

our house buddy

thanksgiving smore session


The Part!!


district pyramid

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