Monday, January 3, 2011

hello fam.. it was so fun to talk to you on Christmas day.. you all sound so grown up.. especially cydney and Landon.. haha and yelling through a couple phones to say i loved my cousin sister missionary Becca bean in Scotland was pretty awesome also!! after we got off the phone with everyone we went to the church and my comp cooked a peach cobbler!! yummy!! with vanilla of course!! we at a plate of it then gave the rest with the borrowed pan back to our comedor, they said they loved it!!! so on the 24th night (when they party and celebrate X-mas), we were invited to chill with the Del Valle family!! it was really fun!! but we had to be home at missionary time...
but that didnt stop the party.. we live in a alley way and in this ally their was a huge party with speakers that can blow your clothes off...
in other words, our whole house was shaking... but we played some cards and just waited for the 12 o'clock mark.. at 130ish in the morning their was no one to be seen... crazy.. at 12 we went UP ON TOP of our metal roof to watch the many fireworks!! it was a BLAST!!!! the smoke made for not very good pics, you know the flash got all caught up on the smoke and it couldn't reach me.. you know after thanksgiving you have a bunch of turkey left.. ya just think of that but guate style which is tamales.. their is such thing as too much of a good thing... would you think so?? too much of a good thing?? at least for the tamale situation, and a handful of others.. so maybe in the grand prospective of everything, yes their is too much of a good thing.. but were still on the debate table on this issue.. hit me up with some feedback... thanks..

last night we put another baptismal date with another teenager named Alvaro.. he is 17. so now we have 2 17 year olds with baptismal dates.. Alvaro and Jovani.. and were still workin with the Fuentes and Aquino families.....

we did alot of actives this week.. on Tuesday we did the stake Christmas party.. on Wednesday we all played soccer.. and on Thursday we had our ward Christmas party..

we had a few investigators to all of the activities.. everyone is always late here.. its called the chapin hour.. but their is one exception to this.. and that is when you are gonna play soccer... on Wednesday everyone was right on time.. haha
but i just tried to send the house walk through and it can only be 25mb or less... so i gotta think of a different way to send it..
well i sure love you all...

The True Red

The Tree

Helping Out

Fight Night

Del Valle Fam

Christmas Phone call

12 oclock watch

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