Monday, January 10, 2011

new year, huh?!...
what are some of your new year goals.. and are they goals or just dreams...?... we were invited to a members fam for the big night.. but we still had to be home by 9, but it was super fun.. we had alot of food. the power went out a couple times on new years eve night... it was kinda funny cuz everyone was not blasting music for a hour or so... the town was so quiet and dark...haha... and their were so many stars.. then the power came back on and all the noise came back.. we had a couple dinners wtih members this week.. and we also went on 3 divisions with members from the ward.. we always get alot of work done when we go on divisions... twice as many lessons.. we were going to the fam Aquino's home, and on the way we saw bro. Aquino riding his bike towards us.. a long story short, he couldn't listen to us that day.. but he had a good excuse.. he had almost cut his finger off with his chain saw.. and he was biking to the hospital... haha.. he laughed and told us that it would have been better if his whole finger would have came all the way off.. haha. yup.. so yesterday we had 4 investigators in church with us.. during Sunday school we all watched the Restoration video, everyone said they learned alot and felt the spirit..
love to all, and to all a good night

Elder Udall and I a year later

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