Monday, January 24, 2011

its morning everyone, today's the day, the sun is shining...... this week was very long.. but fun and full of excitement and extreme spiritual learning..!! on Wednesday we left Jalapa at 3 in the morning to make it to the Elder Ballard concert in the cap..! its really a conference, but concert sounds alot more legit.. first we heard from the LCCM (mtc of guate) pres. elder Clark and his wife. after i had the privilege of sitting on the 3rd row to hear from our wonderful Apostle Elder M. Russell Ballard!! he is a missionary expert.. one of the great things he taught us is to get the words from preach my Gospel from the pages of the book and into our hearts.. he also told us to not be obedient robots!! haha... he told us to switch it up, do something different, and have fun doing the lords work.. you can be obedient and still have fun he said!! (i didnt know he knew my motto, we must think alike).. i have a whole bunch of notes that i took, im sure glade i did that... he is such a powerful man.. At end we all shook his hand.. but not in the normal way.... the way we did it was, he held his had out from the stand. and shook his own hand in the air and we did the same.. he said that was just a more efficient was to do it.. haha.. he killed 200 birds with one stone.. like i said he is a stud!! the way back on the bus was terrible.. its like a hot bus, on mountain roads, back and forward, bumps, pot holes... and seeing people vomit out the window doesn't help at all... but dont you worry, i had my hand full of mints to help me out.... the video was taken just as we were entering Jalapa... good times . ya... i was sleeping on the way to the concert in the morning on the bus. when out of nowhere something was tapping my sholder.. i looked over and elder Udall was asleep, and his head was trying torest on my sholder.. it was just weird so i had to wake him up... haha.. that would have just looked awkward.. jimy was set apart last night... he is a good kid.. he is going to Peru.. im gonna miss him.. he always went with us to our appointments.. he is going to be a great missionary.. we had some people enter the church yesterday during priesthood meeting, and they asked us if we could come teach them.. haha.. i love being contacted!!! while we were at the Ballard concert a elder from my first area told me that everyone is still asking for me! that make me feel very good.. he also told me that one little girl calls all the missionaries elder oakey!! how cute is that!! its gettin hot again here in Jalapa..
happy B-day Father
check out my cousin Sister Becca Bean Fisher,

Missionaries get Frosty Reception: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

she is a SUPER STAR!!!!!
Elder Oakey

Sitting, waiting, wishing

julio with alvaro our investigators with big happy smiles

jimmy is a missionary now

divisions with daniels

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