Monday, January 17, 2011

hello my fello comrads,
isnt today just a beautiful day...
Jared... Germany??? thata boy.. mom im so glad that you did a good gob teaching the women how to make bread and soup in RS.. i love your bread and soup, i bet they did also!!! and now they know how to make it... i hope you didnt tell them the secret ingredient... even if they did, i know they couldnt make it as good as you... on the 13th we had changes.. but not elder udall and i.. we are both still here in jalapa for another change..!! whoot our general plan is to find a bunch more super sweet investigators.. we are in the process and it is commin along just well.. we haven't been able to get ahold of the fam Fuentes.. and jovani moved to the capital for a few months.. but Alvaro is progressing very very well.. we even have a baptism date with him. so i was contacting this lady, and she said that we couldnt come in because her dog was very mean and would hurt us.. at this very moment the dog was present... so i put my had through the door and the devil dog started to lick my had like their was no tomorrow.. haha.. she ended up saying she didnt have time.. but we have a return visit!! haha good times.. FYI, my comp elder Udall actually slipped on a real banana peel.... the myth proves to be true.. no need for myth busters anymore... heather your blog is legit.. everyone looks all grown up in all the pic.. crazy... no joke, that bike im riding in the pic, was really hard to ride.... but nothing compared to that ole hippie boy with the rusted roof that lives down the street.. dont tell him i said that...
well their you go...
i just recieved this from a buddy...

Just making a formal announcement to those who have not already heard, but on Saturday, January 15th, 2011, Shane Smith died in a hang gliding accident. To those who may not remember, Shane was a missionary from my group who was tall, amazing volleyball player and avid hang glider. The news has hit all of us from his group extremely hard and we are all trying to remember the truths we taught in the mission field as to where he is now. Please keep his family in your prayers. Thank you.
see ya at the tree....

Elder Oakey

thanks barry the vandel

sitting, waiting, wishing

little latina

dulce frio


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