Monday, March 28, 2011


i gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday!! before my turn 2 kids gave talks of like 5 min each.. then we had a hymn... after they said it was my turn.. and they didnt say anyone for after me.. so i took the whole 30 min.. come to know that the first counselor in the stake presidency had a talk prepared also.. so the meeting went 15 min over schedule.. haha, what amazing communication...we have a baptism for next Saturday after the second session of conference!! her name is Andrea.. she is 21 and she is ready... she has been coming to church for about 2 months.. she asked her friend if she could be baptized.. her friend said that she needed to talk to us before!! haha... we just got to find the people who are ready!! we had a couple people from English class come to church yesterday!! very effective classes i say...

wow week 6 of the change.. that flew by, gee by golly....

Elder Oakey

Who would have thought? unlike the others..... shickadang!!!
on the fringe.
Beautiful disaster

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